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The Red Grape Wisdom Advantage

Detoxification is a highly personal process that demands time, energy, and a lifestyle transformation to ensure long-term health benefits. That is why we designed our products and services to enable the process to be as simple, effective, and transformative as possible, so that you not only receive a customized guidance of the “hows” of detox but thoroughly understand the “whys”. 

Our vision is to teach the naturopathic approach to healing to as many individuals as possible, so that they can become their own healers and help empower others with nature's healing. 

Combining the many ancient diagnostics and knowledge that was used by some of the leading minds in our history and which were suppressed and forgotten throughout decades and centuries, Red Grape Wisdom had extracted the essence of each to develop its own method of diagnostics and health advice - The Ancient Wisdom Bioenergetics Method.

This method reflects the basis of all ancient healing traditions, which is the understanding of energy and homeostasis. Optimal health is predicated on the abundance and easy flow of vital energy (Qi or Prana) in the body, and all disease is the result of lack of energy and its obstructive flow throughout the body due to inflammation. Our acidic diet (chemistry), lifestyle (chemistry) and toxin exposure (chemistry) can rob us of energy (chemistry that is converted into ATP, or energy) and obstruct the flow of its circulation to our cells, tissues, and organs. 

The Ancient Wisdom Bioenergetics Method  fuses the understanding of the body from a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual perspective and looks at how genetics, energy leakages, and lifestyle choices impact its homeostasis.

Detoxification is the best method used in nature to reset one's health and start healing! It cools down inflammation, removes acidic obstructions that have accumulated over time, and builds up the body's energetic reservoir, so that it can regenerate and heal properly.

Our approach

Health Education

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Long-Term Results

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The Main Benefits of Our Services

Red Grape Wisdom looks to holistic diagnostics, healing, and outcomes. The following are all the benefits you will be able to experience by working with our Ancient Wisdom Bioenergetics method of detoxification.  

Looking Slimmer and Years Younger

Regeneration of tired and ashy skin; smoothing wrinkles; adding more volume to the face; slowing down and reversing graying hair; slimmer frame that's in proportion to your height and constitution; significant slowing down of aging and bodily wear that is attributed to aging; more vitality to do physically what one could not do years ago

More Vitality and Energy

Better quality of sleep and waking up earlier; accomplishing much more in a day; having clarity and presence in thought and action; low or no anxiety levels; greater self-esteem, stronger will and more courage to act on goals; higher optimism for the future; desire to be outdoors and move the body; eating less by incorporating more raw foods; feeling more confident about one's abilities

Physical Transformation

Smoother, softer, less wrinkled and more elastic skin; slimmer body and a build that is more compatible to your true nature; stronger, shinier and healthier looking nails and hair; decrease in the growth of gray hair (increase in the growth of darker hair); eye color/iris changes; feeling lighter and stronger; improved digestion and regular elimination

Emotional Changes

More optimism about oneself, one’s future and the world; greater self-awareness and connection to all life; greater desire to bond and connect with like-minded people; fewer mood fluctuations; greater emotional stability and strength; less generalized anxiety; higher frequency thoughts and emotions; the ability to deal better with emotional challenges; feeling more joy in daily moments; desire to be more authentic in how you show up in the world; feeling that your inner reality should reflect your outer reality; becoming sensitive to toxic environments and toxins

Mental Balance

No brain fog; clearer thinking; better decision-making process; more energy for mental concentration and work; better ability to think critically and holistically; greater capacity to question ideas, thoughts and authority; needing less sleep to function optimally; greater curiosity about life; desire to learn, grow, and expand

Spiritual Shifts

Feeling connected to all life; greater awareness of your place and mission in life; more aware of signs, symbols and synchronicity as they relate to your life’s journey; greater curiosity about spiritual topics and the meaning of life; spending more time alone in contemplation; disconnecting with people and ways of life that no longer fit your new awareness and life’s journey; becoming very sensitive to low frequency environments; desire to live in nature; greater lovingness and care toward animals