The Healthiest Diet in The World

Are you wondering what is the healthiest food on Earth? The answer is both simple and complex, so read on!

From both a nutritional and spiritual perspective, plants are known to contain pure energy, given their simplistic process of nutrient assimilation from both the soil and the sun.

They are true alchemists – they convert chemical compounds in the soil and self-regulate to consume the ideal amount they need. They also communicate with their environment to understand weather changes and a multitude of minute elemental changes that can affect their growth and survival. 

To live and thrive, plants undergo photosynthesis by absorbing the sun’s energy and along with water and carbon dioxide, creating oxygen and energy in the form of sugar. Given their ability to transmute and assimilate nutrients to create energy, their form is the purest source of elements that are needed to keep animals – including humans – alive. This is exactly why plant-based food is the healthiest food on Earth!


Organic, Raw, and Plant-based: The Healthiest Food on Earth


Humans require simple sugars for energy production in their cells. And the best source of simple sugars are fruits, vegetables, and herbs. Whereas most other foods are energy-robbing, plants are energy-giving, meaning they enable the body to get optimal nourishment with enough surplus energy to heal itself.

Since most of our modern foods are energy-robbing – or acidic – the absence of energy calls for the body to compensate by robbing electrolytes from tissues and organs that are not essential to survival. This goes on indefinitely until tissues ultimately degenerate and disease develops.

On the other hand, surplus energy in our bodies keeps cells healthy, enabling us to do more with the least wear and tear. The additional energy can likewise be used to heal our bodies by activating their self-repair mechanisms. 

So why is eating plant-based better for you, especially raw foods? Because plants are the most direct source of simple sugars (energy) that our bodies need to keep us alive! And just like a battery, the more energy we have in our bodies, the longer we will live. In fact, energy is all there is. Since the chemistry we consume is converted to energy, energy is truly the foundational element of all life.

By consuming foods high in life force – or pure energy – you can ensure that your body will not compensate for dealing with the effects of the modern diet and lifestyle by leaching electrolytes from non-essential tissues and bones.

When we don’t have enough alkalinity in our body (which is derived from high-energy foods like raw fruits and veggies), the body’s compensating factor kicks in to keep us alive as a short-term emergency tactic that is not sustainable long-term. 

If we don’t consume high electric, alkaline plant-based foods to fuel our cellular function and remove acidic waste from the body, chronic inflammation will inevitably cause our bodies to deteriorate and age rapidly.

While raw plant-based foods add energy to the body, most other foods – including cooked plant-based food – rob the body of it. I’ll delve into this a bit further in a section below, but cooking denatures a lot of the beneficial chemistry and nutrition in plant-based foods, lowering the net energy in the food; in addition to that, digestion takes approximately 70% of our daily energy for its 4 part process of digestion, assimilation, and elimination. 

Other conventional foods in our culture, such as dairy and meat, are highly acidic to the body, and mostly only contain nutrition from the plants that the animal consumed. Likewise, if the animal products are not organic, they are likely highly laden with chemicals, antibiotics, and any other commercial medicines that are regularly given to factory farm animals.

In essence, meat is more suitable for carnivores, since they have short digestive tracts and stomachs whose hydrochloric acid is twice as acidic as that of humans to be able to quickly digest, assimilate, and eliminate their prey. And then, given how taxing the protein assimilation process is for carnivores, the body must rest for long periods to have the energy to hunt again.

On the other hand, humans are built for plant-based foods, given their very long colon tract that is found in all frugivorous animals, such as the great apes. The size of the colon is meant to process and assimilate simple chemistry that is very nutritionally packed, so that it can stay longer in the digestive tract without putrefaction. That way, its nutrition can be absorbed adequately through the intestinal walls and keep the colon clean through fiber intake. 


Do We Need High Amounts of Protein? 


By now, you may scratch your head and ask, “but don’t we need protein to be healthy?” The answer is yes and no – and here are the reasons why. While our body requires essential amino acids for growth and repair, it doesn’t need complex protein.

In essence, amino acids are the building blocks of complex proteins, and when we consume them in their simple form from fruits and veggies (yes, they contain all the essential amino acids that the body uses to build the type of protein chains it requires), the body doesn’t have to use vital energy to break them down, which is the case with complex proteins. Whether you consume nut butter or animal products, complex protein is hard on the kidneys and the elimination system. 

If you’re looking to stay healthy and even detoxify your body, consuming fewer complex proteins and more amino acids in their natural form will ensure that your body has all the nutritional elements it needs without burdening the colon, kidneys, and other vital organs with its chemical breakdown.

I’m sure you’ve heard that protein-heavy diets cause colon and kidney issues, and this is exactly the reason. Unfortunately, our mainstream health circles propagate the myth of protein consumption for health like there is no tomorrow, not truly explaining that not all “proteins” are created alike.

The same goes for demonizing all sugars, specifically, the energizing and healing simple sugars found in fruits. This is one of the biggest fallacies and misunderstandings of the body, chemistry, and anatomy.

All you have to remember is that your body is like a machine that assimilates all the chemistry that you consume into its cellular function and memory. Therefore, if you eat rich foods that are complex and processed, you are not only providing your body with no energy and very few nutrients (if any), but the digestion of the food will rob the body of the energy it doesn’t have in the first place.

Remember, the body is intelligent and can compensate for as long as possible to ensure its survival. Inevitably, we should strive to eat for the fuel our bodies need, which is derived from the nutrition and energy found in foods, and not solely for taste and pleasure. 


Raw Food vs Cooked Food 


Raw Food vs Cooked Food

When it comes to nutrition and essential energy, you absolutely cannot go any better than organic raw fruits and vegetables. Since heat that is above 118F (or 48C) changes the chemical composition of the chemistry with which it interacts, consumption of raw foods daily is a must for general health and longevity!

You want what nature grew in all her glory, and the closer you are to the source – the garden or the tree – the more nutritious and healing the food will be. There really is no better time to start growing a garden or an herb patch on your balcony than today!

If you tend to cook most of your meals, at least make it a point to have a raw fruit breakfast, which breaks the fast from the night’s sleep, cleanses cells and organs, and revitalizes the body and its circuits for the day.

Fruits have the highest alkaline properties in nature and have the most capacity to clean and rebuild tissues due to their astringent and regenerative properties. Their simple sugars are the ultimate fuel for cellular function and are not assimilated by the body in the same way as the “bad” complex sugars we tend to imagine. 

Natural fruit sugars also take about 30-45 minutes to fully digest and do not utilize insulin to be broken down and assimilated. Yes, this means that they are beneficial for diabetics and help treat diabetes by improving pancreatic function. In general, given their net energy and nutritional value and very short and simple digestive process, fruits are the healthiest and most healing foods for human consumption and health!

Whereas fruits are wonderful cleansers and regenerators, vegetables are meant to ground us and help us build mass. Just look at all the bulky and strong herbivores in nature – the elephants, cows, and hippos.

In fact, vegetables are the ideal food group that provides the body with the most complete amino acids to help it meet its repair, functional, and structural demands. However, since veggies are harder to digest and contain less water content than fruits, their digestion does entail more energy – but not so much more to offset the energetic and nutritional input they provide. 


How Cells Turn Food Into Energy


When it comes to health and the energy needs of the body, it is important to understand the process of turning food into energy. This mechanism is called cellular respiration.

The simple sugars in the form of glucose are converted by the cells into ATP – or energy – when glucose combines with oxygen in the mitochondria of the cell. This action produces carbon dioxide waste, which is released into the body’s lymphatic system – or sewage system – and circulated back to the kidneys for elimination.

In general, the process of cellular respiration points to the importance of having a healthy lymphatic system and kidneys that can detoxify the body properly

Likewise, energy production requires effective oxygen flow inside the body. Many ancient traditions recognize the importance of deep, yogic breathing as a means to circulate oxygen throughout the body. This vitality from the ether is either called Qi or Prana and is known to not only revitalize the body but also detoxify it properly.

Yoga and Qi Gong are two spiritual exercise modalities that evolved in ancient India and China respectively that taught proper nourishment of the body through movement and oxygenation

Overall, the fuel we provide for our cells has to be of utmost quality in this day and age, since we are constantly bombarded with toxic modern pollutants that the body must eliminate. Since digestion, metabolism, activity, detoxification, and elimination all require energy, consuming more energy than we spend on these activities is essential to maintain great health!

This simple formula showcases how natural law works on all biological life:

Longevity = Energy Entering The Body > Energy Leaving The Body

By having surplus energy in the body, we ensure that it can self-heal outstanding issues that may turn into serious illnesses if not addressed in time. Without energy, we cannot heal and the body starts rapidly declining toward decay.


The Best Foods for Energy


The Best Foods for Energy and Vitality

The healthiest food in nature has the most vital energy – and these are plant-based foods. The best diet for humans is one that is composed of a high degree of organic raw vegan foods, which hold high amounts of energy, simple sugars, and live enzymes that enable the body to operate at its highest energetic state.

These foods are not only true healers but also help us vibrate at a higher level and attune to a greater awareness of all life around us. Through consumption, we infuse their energetic vibration, which elevates our cells to work at a higher frequency.

Many physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual changes occur on a high raw plant-based diet simply because it contains the best fuel for our bodies, and we can only grow and expand with greater vitality.

As true nature’s healers and cellular energizers, fruits and herbs clean and regenerate cells and tissues with their healing essence, simple sugars, and nutrition. While fruits are astringent and detoxify tissues to restore the body holistically, herbs work to bring back original balance and to the body’s function and energy systems (chakras) that have been lost.

In many ancient practices, herbs are seen as conscious beings that, depending on their nature, bring balance back to a specific area of the body that is dysregulated. They are humanity’s true healers

Inevitably, if you’re looking for the healthiest food on Earth, fruits and herbs are nature’s highest-frequency foods! In fact, did you know that ripe, organic fruits are the only food in nature able to regenerate the nervous system?

To truly restore the body, contrary to what the mainstream would have you believe, the fruit diet is the best diet to follow for energy, healing, regeneration, and longevity. Consuming fruit daily, fasting with only fruit, and eating only fruit for breakfast are all wonderful ways to incorporate the fruit diet into your regimen, no matter your lifestyle!


Final Thoughts 


Cutting out the complexity that is usually attached to food, nutrition, and dietary recommendations, it is vital to see food and the body for what they are to truly understand which foods are good for you.

Which foods have color and vibrancy? Which ones are naturally pleasing to the senses raw without sauces and spices? Which ones don’t cause us to be tired, gain weight, and rapidly age? All these answers must come from within and truly feel right intuitively – not logically or through the lens of cultural conditioning or indoctrination. 

That is exactly how I came to know what the best diet was for me. I listened to what felt right intuitively and then applied the hunches accordingly until I saw the physical results of my efforts. And that is what I strongly advise you to do as well – you are more connected to your truth than any authority that thinks it knows what’s best for you.

If you are curious about the incredible healing powers of the raw plant-based diet, I truly recommend you start today and see for yourself the difference you feel by changing your cellular fuel to the best available sources on the planet that are meant for human longevity and evolution!

About the Author

Anesa is the founder of and the chief integrative health practitioner at Red Grape Wisdom, with a mission to teach the public the truth about health and the principles of wellness that trace their roots back to our human origins and our connection to the cosmic and natural law. 

Anesa is the author of How to Detox Your Body Naturally and Safely, and her expertise lies in natural health diagnostics, holistic detoxification, and healing support. She uses many unique modalities to help others heal naturally and thrive such as naturopathy, medical astrology, iridology, and Eastern traditional herbal medicine.