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The Importance of Personal Accountability for Health and Wellness


Given the times we live in, most of us question the ways to getting well naturally and which natural protocols are the most effective at increasing our immunity and nurturing our bodies.

It is often said that in one’s struggle and darkest hour, a path to insight opens up that leads to greater doors of understanding. And that’s exactly what Covid had the opportunity to do for many of us.

For those of us who may already know how to stay healthy through our personal journey of growth and awareness about ourselves, life, as well as the workings of nature and the universe, this time brought out all that we had felt was wrong about the world and reflected it back to us like a mirror.

This is a pivotal time that is shedding immense light on the corruption of our systems as well as the extent of globalization on the inner workings of our institutions, which became the mouthpiece for standardized ‘health’ public policy around the world.

The ensuing restrictions fiasco was not only shocking and purely unscientific, but it showed us that most individuals are completely unaware of health, natural wellness, and the workings of their bodies.

This leads to an even more profound question: if ignorance of our own bodies and health led us to trust that the authorities “must have all the answers,” why aren’t we seeking to understand it in the first place, so that we can make wise decisions about how to stay healthy and lives on our own terms? 

In other words, why do we trust the authorities, when medical errors are the 3rd leading cause of death in the United States year after year? When have the systems not failed us? And why are we reluctant to trust our own investigative skills, intuition, and knowledge over that of a stranger?

It could be that we have been giving our own power away our whole lives because we are endlessly distracted by responsibilities and too busy to take accountability for our own safety and well-being to care.

And the consequence of all the things we stop caring about is that new institutions and businesses rise up to meet the demands of that which we don’t have time or patience to learn and apply for our own benefit.

Yes, modern life asks way too much of us, but we need to think of our long-term priorities; and instead of giving our power away completely to a doctor or a bureaucrat, do our own foundational investigation and work with others who can help make the application process easier, faster and more effective.   

Our health is in our own hands, and once we truly embrace this notion, we will then only want to seek guidance on the journey and reject anything that does not align with our own self-knowledge and personalized wellness paradigm. 


The Truth About Getting Well Naturally


nature heals and balances
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Being well (well-being) is our natural condition predicated on the fact that we are inherently a part of nature and are designed to work according to her principles and laws in a perpetual state of balance and harmony.

Health is a holistic interplay of our own bodies, nutrition habits, ancestral genetics, and current environment, as well as thoughts and emotions that create a general picture of how closely we are aligned to the homeostasis of nature.

The closer we are to the principles of nature, the more wellness we experience, and the further away we are, the more we are prone to illness and disease.

Therefore, our disconnect from nature’s laws and cycles (which occurred when we moved away from villages to urban centers) is precisely at the root of our physical, emotional, and spiritual decay. Since we are nature, it only follows that by being in sync with her that we are able to thrive and complete our life cycle in the utmost vitality that she provides us through her nourishment. 

So where did we all go wrong with our current states of health and chronic illness, especially in the Western world? Modern lifestyle is one major culprit, but we always have a choice of how we choose to work with the tools at our disposal.

In other words, there is nothing stopping us from adopting certain lifestyles and health habits into our lives, even if we live in urban jungles, have stressful jobs, and are pressed for time to devote to all our needs. The hardest part is knowing what changes to make, taking the first steps, and learning how to redesign our lives around them.


Simple Ways to Stay Healthy and Vital


Getting well naturally is quite simple, although it’s becoming more challenging during the presence and influence of all the toxic elements in our environment that are imposed on us. In fact, optimal health is predicated on simple ways to get healthy

  • eat as close to nature as possible (think of the forest foraging diet as the most ideal); organic fruits and vegetables should make up at least 50% of your diet
  • spend time outdoors in the sunshine and clean air
  • connect with nature on a spiritual level (observe her, understand her and interact with her as often as possible)
  • move your body on a daily basis
  • limit stress and increase moments of laughter and fun


healthy diet is essential for healthy living
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With any dis-ease and imbalance, it’s important to know that symptoms are only the expressions of how the body is trying to adapt to an imbalance – but it has nothing to do with “the nature” of the imbalance itself.

The roots of the cause of an illness are always multilayered and only YOU can look back and trace the possible cause, be it emotional, lifestyle-related, dietary, or stress-induced. 

By knowing yourself and understanding that simplicity and moderation/balance are key to health, you’ll know that complex lifestyles, habits, foods, as well as prolonged negative states of being, will cause the onset of illness. 

Nutritional and lifestyle simplicity and balance are key to how to stay healthy without needing supplements, treatments, and visits to the doctor. If you take anything away from this article, then those concepts would be it!


My Personal Journey to Natural Wellness 


My own journey to wellness and spirituality is a long one, with every day adding a drop of wisdom that contributes to seeing the whole in even more awe and reverence.

Having suffered from chronic, severe eczema and other minor health issues, I decided that it was imperative that I became my own healer and delved deeper into the principles of life and cosmos that would show me why the cause of everything occurred in the first place.

By understanding the chain of events that lead to imbalance, I could see how my own ignorance of the spiritual laws disempowered me to give my energy to projects, people, and places that didn’t serve me and left me in an existential conundrum that was energetically internalized and which depleted my vitality. 

I believe that illness can be a gift if we choose to look at it from that perspective. It’s a chance to correct course and improve on our trajectory. But, it is also an opportunity to learn and understand more about ourselves, our world and what we want from life.

Just like any lesson we learn in life or suffering that leads through a breakthrough, we are better and stronger because of our personal challenges and setbacks. We are also wiser, and through that wisdom, can help others who are going through what we had gone through correct course and pay it forward as well. 


wisdom from experience
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In this world, we live in a duality school where we can only learn by being presented with the forces of good and evil so that the choices we make are what ultimately determine our evolution and growth in awareness. 

It’s been over 6 years since I’ve been on this wellness learning and teaching journey and 15 years since I started discovering many ancient spiritual modalities that filled my soul with the knowledge that I never knew existed, but that I was hungry for my entire life.

And if it wasn’t for eczema and other setbacks, I would never have stepped into the role of a healer that I was meant to become.

Through my own experience, I’ve continued to learn daily about ancient wisdom, astrology, numerology, and working tirelessly to help others understand the essential concepts of health and wellness.

Here are just some of the topics that have opened my eyes to the nature of holistic wellness and nature’s laws and which I love to write about extensively:

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Why Knowledge is Key in the Detoxification Journey


The reason why so many detoxification programs fall short of truly changing people’s lives is that they give individuals short-term solutions (“the how”) before they provide them with the foundational understanding of health, why certain protocols work for them and what they actually do to their bodies (“the why”).

This is reminiscent of putting an important electronic piece together – we are electrical beings after all – without the manual, so that the piece turns on and seems to operate correctly, but there is no sense in knowing how it works and what maintenance it needs.

Unfortunately, that’s exactly how most of us operate in many areas of life – not only when it comes to health.


benefits of learning about health
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That’s exactly why knowledge of our bodies and health is essential before the journey of detoxification takes place.

Understanding the nature and function of our organs, glands, the nature of chemistry/energy balance, food chemistry, genetics and epigenetics, the lymphatic system, and the role of the elimination organs, as well as the impact of our emotions and thoughts is fundamental to not only design our lives according to this awareness but to also use this knowledge as a gauge to what we choose to believe in, let in and give our power to.

The underlying principles of health are not necessarily about understanding health alone – they explain the general truth about our reality!

From a spiritual perspective, we are the microcosm of the macrocosm, therefore understanding how our own mini-universe works is key to cosmic knowledge. Isn’t that wonderful? 


The Role of Community and Support in Detox and Healing


Truth be told, the path to wellness can oftentimes feel lonely, frustrating and long. Living in today’s toxic, modern world, we can feel as though “we” are the crazy ones for trying to better ourselves and live in alignment with the laws of nature. 

Likewise, our own existing habits may make it difficult to maintain a detox regimen and a healthy lifestyle, and therefore, our desire to connect with others on the same journey will be very strong.

We will be in want of accountability buddies that can help us along and keep us on the right track – our transformation tribe!


healing and community support
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Ultimately, although the detox journey is profoundly personal, support and accountability will be the major factors that will account for our levels of success. We may be able to do it all on our own, but the journey is definitely more profound and resolute when shared with others. Depending on our own life path, our healing journey may be riddled with difficulty and ups and downs, any tools that can help us during those times are vital!

Indeed, I truly recommend connecting with others on the same journey either in person (preferable) or online and seeking support along the way when you need it. 


Final Thoughts


Essentially, getting well naturally is predicated on empowering yourself about your body, committing to a healthy diet and lifestyle, finding your soul tribe, and sharing your gifts with the world. 

Don’t let the prospect of fear of change and a commitment to a new lifestyle (new you!) hold you back from taking the leap toward a long and vibrant life. To get started on your detox journey, first, empower yourself with all the knowledge you need to heal through detoxification. 

To help you, I offer a practical detox guide that will teach you all about the workings of your body, how it utilizes chemistry and energy, what it takes to keep it vital in the modern world. As the truism goes, health is the true wealth.

About the Author

Anesa is the founder of and the chief integrative health practitioner at Red Grape Wisdom, with a mission to teach the public the truth about health and the principles of wellness that trace their roots back to our human origins and our connection to the cosmic and natural law. 

Anesa is the author of How to Detox Your Body Naturally and Safely, and her expertise lies in natural health diagnostics, holistic detoxification, and healing support. She uses many unique modalities to help others heal naturally and thrive such as naturopathy, medical astrology, iridology, and Eastern traditional herbal medicine.