13 Divine Herbs for Protection and Harmony


All that man needs for health and healing has been provided by God in nature, the challenge of science is to find it. – Paracelsus


Once upon a time, communities and cultures relied on nature to help them and protect them in every facet of life. Stars, planets, and certain environmental cues were the “omens” of what was to come and how best to prepare for certain cycles of life. So what changed and how does this all relate to using herbs for protection?

Because understanding the past is the most crucial way to integrate insight into the present. In fact, in the past, learning about the properties of herbs, foods, and certain rituals was not only designated to the realm of the elders or the community healers.

Common individuals grew up in a culture where knowledge about the relationship between oneself and one’s environment was necessary and intimate. It was essential for the survival of a community and its culture, which was intricately tied to seasonal energies and cosmic powers. 

Humans understood nature and that they were a part of it. They knew that the cycles above in the cosmos were reflected on Earth and in themselves. They acknowledged nature’s blessings through festivities and were prepared to appease its wrath by providing offerings to the various “aspects” of its energy – or gods. 

As society changed profoundly and individuals started moving to the cities, this knowledge our ancestors held was relegated to select individuals, such as village healers, and was verbally passed down by each culture with a few exceptions (where a written tradition predominated). 

Much of what we know today as herbalism, shamanism, astrology, numerology, ritual magic, and energy healing are simply aspects of holistic knowledge that informed the daily experience of our pagan predecessors.

The study of herbalism offers wonderful insight into healing by acknowledging that herbs, like all life, possess the consciousness that is intelligent and can change the energy of the environment with which it interacts.


Why Invoke Protection


Whereas in the past our biggest fears were tribal wars, illness, and natural predators, in today’s modern world, we have many energetic, physical, and chemical attacks that we may not even perceive or expect, simply given the sheer pace of life and our interaction level with the world around us

This is precisely why it is important to protect yourself energetically at home and while out and about. And what better way than to do so with herbs? Just like stones, chrystals, and other amulets that all have unique and individual energetic qualities, herbs come in all shapes, sizes, and properties to help us navigate this journey called life. In fact, many religious traditions laud herbs as God’s gift to humanity to help us heal and bring balance into our lives

You may feel that your personal boundaries are not too strong or that you easily attract accidents, or unpleasant circumstances, or tend to become a victim of your circumstances. In these instances, your energetic field is emitting either fearfulness, unhealed trauma, or self-sabotage.

The best way to deal with these patterns is to undertake psychosomatic work to heal the psychic/energetic blockages and commit to a healthy high-frequency lifestyle that encompasses an alkaline diet and other self-nurturing practices.

In addition to these changes, protective herbs will absolutely help, but they will not be powerful enough to override the deep energetic patterns that attract certain situations into our lives.

However, if you feel that certain circumstances in life can cause you to be in greater need of protection and they are not a general pattern of your life experience, herbs and other positive energy amulets will be truly beneficial on your journey!  


Herb Consciousness and How Herbs Can Protect You


Herb Consciousness and How Herbs Can Protect You
Photo by Daniel Dan from Pexels

Herbs are conscious beings, and just like all of us, they all have unique qualities, personalities, and chemical compositions. Their properties were largely unknown by our early ancestors until they watched sick animals graze on the fields and recover by ingesting a certain herb. This observation led to experimentation and a greater understanding of how to use herbs for healing.

All herbs have qualities that are either hot, warming, cold, or cooling, and depending on our disease symptoms can be used to rebalance our cells to their original state of homeostasis. Herbs have been used both internally and externally as humanity’s main source of medicine for millennia and continue to be the primary source of healthcare for approximately 80% of the world’s population. 

If you think of everything as energy, then it wouldn’t be hard to imagine that herbs vibrate on a frequency level and have an energetic aura that is very unique to them. And once we get to know them individually, we can truly begin to understand them and work with their energies on a personal level for protection and healing. 


The History of Herbal Usage


Although our pagan ancestors used herbs in myriad ways, particularly in medicine and foods, there is strong documentation that during ancient Roman and Greek times, individuals used herbs for various private and public activities. Herbs were used to venerate leaders, purify the air, and as amulets of protection during long journeys.

They were used for rituals and ceremonies according to their “character” and seasonality and each popular herb was known for its special properties. Romans and Greeks used herbs for protection, love, happiness, heroic homecomings, and many other life celebrations. 

In other parts of the world like ancient China, Egypt, and India, herbs were primarily used as medicine and had long traditions of healing many physical ailments with herbal concoctions. The basis of all these ancient cultural traditions is predicated on the fact that everything is energy, and disease formation occurs when there is a blockage to energy flow and assimilation.

Indeed, what is so special about Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine is that they incorporate the understanding of cosmic and natural law into the practice of medicine making and practice. Ancient Egyptians have a long tradition of medicinal knowledge and believed that herbs can prevent disease and strengthen the body’s system. 

The most amazing aspect of this ancient knowledge is that much of it was recorded! Since herbs are at the foundation of Ayurvedic practice, to document and share this knowledge most effectively, Vedic masters embedded information about herbs’ healing properties in poems called Shlokas

The herbal practices of Traditional Chinese Medicine were also heavily documented, boasting over 8,000 texts dealing with all types of health conditions. Egyptian influence on Greek culture and Greek influence on Roman culture can also be traced to common medicinal, mathematical, artistic, and traditional influences. Due to Alexander the Great’s conquest of Egypt, Greek and Egyptian cultures vastly intermixed, leading to many adaptations and innovations in both cultures. 


Herbal Practices of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Photo by Pietro Jeng from Pexels

As a byproduct of these influences, the ancient Greek physician and the father of modern medicine, Hippocrates, documented much of his herbal and natural healing knowledge in 60 treatises, including his 400 herbal properties and remedies.

This knowledge had a profound effect on the modern medical field of today and was the foundation of the scientific approach to healthcare that diverged from a more intuitive and non-tangible treatment approach that was prevalent during pagan times.

In Africa, the herbal tradition is centuries old and still has a profound influence on the continent’s many cultures, healing modalities, and modern medicine.


When to Use Herbs for Protection


You can use herbs for protection internally and externally to protect your body from pathogens and low-vibrational entities and to energetically protect your home and space. Here are just some of the ways that herbs have been used traditionally for protection:

  • You can plant these herbs in front of your home and near your entrance so that they prevent negative energy and spirits from coming into your home.
  • You can dry branches of these herbs and hang them in places in your home where you spend the most time so that they can protect you from negative thoughts and emotions.
  • When going on a journey, sprinkle some of the dried herbs in your shoes, so that they protect you every step of the way (you may choose to place an herbal pouch in your pocket instead).
  • You can place dried leaves of an herb of choice in your wallet so that your money and wealth are protected from theft and loss.
  • You can sleep with herbs under your pillow so that they protect you from any psychic attacks or dark entities during your sleep.
  • When moving into a new home or staying at a new place, use herbs to clear out the energy of previous residents by burning palo santo or incense and placing these herbs for protection in each room.
  • Whenever you are meeting with many people, carry a sachet of herbs with you to protect yourself from absorbing any negative energy.
  • If you create a vision board or a prayer altar in your home, place protective herbs near them so that your prayers and dreams are protected.
  • When you’re working on an important project, you can place protective herbs near your area of work so that your ideas and work are protected.
  • You can use protective herbs for any life ritual and ceremony – weddings, funerals, graduations, baby showers, promotions, anniversaries, and more.


The 13 Most Powerful Herbs for Protection


The 13 Most Powerful Herbs for Protection
Photo by alleksana from Pexels

The following powerful herbs for protection share one thing in common – they vibrate at a frequency (or essence) that has been documented by individuals throughout history to have protective characteristics. Since each plant or herb has its own unique qualities that can be characterized according to how it relates to its environment (us!), its chemistry (when consumed) or energy (when around us) has a subtle but real impact on our reality.

Depending on your own intuitive resonance with the protective herbs below, you can use each herb’s qualities to bring safety and peace into your life by sharing space with them, consuming them as tea or tinctures, or planting them around your home. 



Turkey Rhubarb 


Known for its ability to protect from sickness and to remove negative thoughts, Turkey Rhubarb is also a wonderful herb for attracting love and abundance. This makes it an ideal herb to use during weddings, honeymoons, and anniversaries. It can also be planted outside of a newlywed couple’s new home to protect and initiate the sanctity of marriage in good energy and fortune.

In ancient times, Turkey Rhubarb was also used to protect against illness, and was especially used during the bubonic plague to prevent the spread of the disease. 




Basil is the quintessential multi-purpose herb that has been revered in the Mediterranean as one of the best herbs to have grown at home, as it calms tempers, brings about harmony, and protects inhabitants from evil spirits. It is also known to attract luck and prosperity. 

You can also add dried Basil inside the home, especially in a room that has an increase of mental and conflict-ridden energy to dissipate negativity. Likewise, you can make basil tea or add basil to your bath after a stressful day to bring relaxation to your body and restore harmony internally.




Juniper not only protects the kidneys from toxins and acids, but it can also protect you from accidents and your home from negative energies. You can place dried juniper branches in front of your home’s door to protect you from any negative energies that want to enter.

And if you’d like to attract love simultaneously, leave the berries on the branch, since they activate the heart chakra! To increase your heart’s magnetic power, you can also wear the barriers as an amulet around your neck. 

Juniper berries are used to make a fermented kombucha-like drink in Southern Europe that is known to cleanse the body and help the kidneys filter more efficiently. Juniper is truly protective in every sense of the word!




Rosemary is the ideal herb for purification, cleansing, and protection. Known most notably as a “remembrance” herb, it is known to protect the mind and encourage clear thinking and memory formation. It is used by students to help them do well on exams by invoking remembrance and focus. 

Rosemary for Protection
Photo by Lachlan Ross from Pexels

During Roman times, rosemary was used as incense in religious ceremonies and was believed to ward off spells and evil spirits. It is an herb for purification and is used by many cultures to cleanse the home after death from disease.

In the Mediterranean, many homeowners plant rosemary bushes outside of their homes to attract good spirits (bee pollinators and nature spirits) and to deter harmful energies from entering.




Lavender is known to repel negativity and rejuvenate the senses. Like basil, lavender is known to bring balance and harmony into a home, and can protect a family’s cohesion by promoting peaceful relations. 

To protect your home from invaders and negative energy, you can place sachets of dried lavender at every corner of your home (4 corners). You can also protect your body, mind, and spirit at night by placing a sachet of lavender next to your pillow. Not only will it help you fall asleep and have a better quality of sleep, but it will help you feel safe and protected whenever you spend a night in an unfamiliar place.




If you’ve ever been to a spirituality store, you’ve most likely noticed dried bundles of sage that are recommended for the purification of spaces and ceremonial use. This is precise because sage is known as one of the most effective energy-cleansing herbs that promote an increase in spiritual vibration.

For centuries, it has been used by priests and royalty in rituals for purification purposes. Used internally, sage is a potent cleansing tonic that promotes mental health and lowers inflammation. 

Sage for Protection
Photo by Los Muertos Crew from Pexels

You can burn dried sage in your home daily to move and cleanse the energy field for the day or when you meditate and conduct any spiritual work. Sage promotes alignment with the spiritual realm and protection of all those participating in prayer, ritual, and spiritual activities. 


Raspberry Leaves


Raspberry leaves have a motherly quality, as they are one of the most important herbs for women’s health and fertility. As such, they are very protective, nurturing, and nourishing. Raspberry leaves aid in supporting the reproductive system, women’s pregnancy, and safe delivery.

Pregnant women should indulge in raspberry leaves to protect them from any pregnancy issues that may arise by consuming raspberry leaf tea, tinctures, and dried herb (in salads and cooked dishes) as well as by placing dried raspberry leaves behind their pillows and near their beds.

Including the herb in the home helps a family feel protected and empowers the maternal figure to take care of her brood. 




Garlic has a strong reputation as a protective herb, as it is one of the most potent antibiotics known to protect us from bacterial infections. It is likewise culturally known to keep the “vampires away” – which alludes to its quality of repelling negative pathogens and entities.

In fact, in many old traditions and cultures, cloves of garlic were hung on the front door of a home or building to ward off evil spirits and protect the dwellings from unwelcome intruders. 

Another benefit of garlic is that it is known to ward off jealousy and narcissism (energy vampirism), making it a great clove to carry around for protection in workplaces and other energy-heavy settings, especially if you tend to have weaker boundaries.  


Bay Leaves


Bay leaves are known to have protective psychic properties, and much like sage, can be used to clear negative energy and prepare a home, a temple, or a dwelling for spiritual work. They are known to increase one’s spiritual connection to the divine and inspire creativity, and have been used in many cultures as aids in magic rituals. 

Bay Leaves for Protection
Photo by Victoria Bowers from Pexels

To remember your dreams and have greater spiritual insights during sleep, place dried bay leaves behind your pillow. Bay leaves are also used to facilitate manifestation, making them an ideal complement to prayer, manifestation rituals, and visualizations. 


St. John’s Wort


Known as a natural antidepressant when ingested internally, St. John’s Wort has a tradition of being used in spiritual and religious ceremonies and is known to deepen one’s spiritual connection to the Source. It has likewise been used to provide protection and repel negativity

In the Greek tradition, St. John’s Wort is infused with olive oil, placed in glass bottles, and left in the sunshine until the “healing oil” is ready for use (usually in a month or so). The oil can be used internally for happier moods and relaxation and externally for healing wounds and skin issues. It is also often used religiously to anoint oneself for spiritual work and to feel closer to the spiritual realm.




Comfrey has a history of being used to ensure safe and easy travel and attract abundance. To ensure that your travel plans go smoothly, place one piece of comfrey root in your pocket and another in your suitcase to ensure both you and your bags are protected. If you don’t have access to comfrey root, its leaves will do just as well!

Comfrey is also known to be used for magic spells that have to do with well-being and protection. Although it can be used internally for various health ailments, including skin healing, because of certain compounds that may be harmful to the liver, it is not suggested as a supplement.




Marjoram is a very empowering herb! It is not only known for its protective qualities but also for its capacity to relieve grief, promote emotional healing, and repel evil. It is also known to attract love and for those purposes, its dried leaves can be placed in an amulet and worn on the body. You can grow marjoram very easily on a patch of land and utilize it as an aromatic herb in salads, teas, and cooked dishes. 

For protection, marjoram can be placed anywhere in the home where intruders could enter or where negative energy is most likely to accumulate. And if you feel stressed, emotionally worn out, and have frequent head tension or headaches, you can inhale fresh marjoram and rub its leaves on the temples of your forehead for relief. 




Eucalyptus has been used as a lung tonic since ancient times, especially in public baths and steam saunas to promote the detoxification of the lungs and the skin. It is a panacea herb that helps with many ailments and is also known to purify and protect the home and promote financial success

Eucalyptus for Protection
Photo by Vie Studio from Pexels

Since eucalyptus promotes balance in the body and the environment, it can be used in the home to promote general well-being and optimism. For abundance manifestation, you can place eucalyptus leaves or rub a bit of eucalyptus essential oil inside your wallet

As a health protocol, you can also use eucalyptus essential oil in the shower to help your lungs open up and expel toxins more effectively. Its oils will also promote alertness, a positive mental outlook, and a better mood. 


If you’re looking to purchase quality herbs for health, protection, love, and abundance, my pertinent advice is to always go organic! Herbs lose some of their essence and healing qualities not only when they’re picked and dried but mostly if they are adulterated with preservation chemicals and irradiated with radiation, they will not hold much or any of their character properties. 

That is why I am always selective about where and which herbs I buy. My recommendation is Starwest Botanicals, which is one of the oldest and largest all-organic herbal stores in the US. The best part is that they are committed to quality herb harvesting and sourcing practices and have an in-house laboratory (as well as conduct third-party testing) to ensure that their herbs are of utmost purity.

I also appreciate that they self herbs in bulk, so I can use them for many herbal projects, such as making oil infusions, tinctures, herb mixes, and more. 

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Final Thoughts


Herbs hold a multitude of properties to help mankind remember their connection to nature and the cosmos. They are gifted to us by the divine as helpers on this journey called life to rebalance our minds, bodies, and spirits back to harmony. And as with all life, we have to have reverence and respect for their gift and self-sacrifice to live on energetically through us

I hope these herbs for protection will help you feel safer, more relaxed, and more connected to the world around you. May they inspire you to have faith and relax into the knowing that everything is connected and that energy is the fundamental foundation of all that is “in the matter.”

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