foods to eliminate for acne detox

Why is it important to know which foods to avoid for clear skin outcomes? Essentially, all skin issues have their root in the body’s inability to detoxify toxins and acids through the elimination organs of the body, namely the kidneys, colon, and intestines.

As the skin is also an elimination organ, it takes on the burden of purging impurities, and if it is also under-performing due to genetics, nutrition, and lifestyle, it will reflect the struggle of eliminating toxic substances through clogged pores, acne breakouts, and other skin problems. This is why skincare should actually be full body care and to treat skin conditions, we have to treat our health holistically.

The five food groups to eliminate for skin health and acne detox are dairy, alcohol, meat and animal fats, fried foods, and processed sugar!

The following is essential advice about the importance of elimination and correct supplementation when it comes to detoxification and will provide you with the right tools to heal your skin condition from the inside out by working with the wisdom of these principles. I hope you find this article helpful (do let me know in the comments section)!


The Importance of Body Cleansing and Skin Care


To rebuild anything, we first have to eliminate its faulty foundations and then invest in the new material that will replace it. The same goes for our bodies in terms of detox. In essence, detoxification is the process of transforming the old to clear the way to bring in the new.

By removing obstructions, degenerative acids, and chronic inflammation from the equation, the body will then be free to do what it does best – heal and regenerate on its own. We are simply helping it by eliminating what it doesn’t need or can’t deal with so that it can have the energy to function properly and regenerate. This is the big first step in reclaiming our health!

While the elimination of toxins is in itself a great healer, supplementation of alkaline chemistry helps to support the body in healing even further. It cools down the tissues, scrubs the cellular interstitial walls, and provides high energy for the body not only to keep up with the process of life, but to also repair what has been damaged along the way.

Doing a committed detox for clear skin involves exactly these vital processes, in addition to supplying extra care to the elimination organs and strengthening them with skin-friendly foods and herbs that help the gut, kidneys, liver, and skin function more effectively.


What Problem Skin Signals About Health


what acne signals about health
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The skin barrier is the largest organ in the body and it is a living, breathing organ that communicates with the inner and outer worlds through its pores. It brings in the chemistry it absorbs in its environment (including what we put on the skin) and sends this nourishment or toxicity directly to the blood to circulate throughout the body.

It also helps the liver eliminate toxins like heavy metals, through sweat and perspiration. Although it seems solid to us, it is a very permeable organ that brings messages and chemistry from its environment directly inside our bodies to be assimilated.

Inevitably, acne-prone skin and acne breakouts tell us a lot about our health and lifestyle. For one, it signals that our bodies are dealing with toxin overload and that we need to alkalize it with the right lifestyle choices and diet.

Perhaps our daily eating routine needs to change and we need to get rid of refined sugars, alcohol, dairy products, fried foods, and sugary juices from our diets to reduce inflammation. Or, we need to take better care of our emotional lives, since in addition to poor lifestyle habits, stress and energy-depleting activities cause inflammation, aging, and the acceleration of chronic illness.

Although natural skin care products help facilitate the process, proper detox for acne involves a holistic understanding and approach to health and skincare. It requires listening to what our skin is trying to tell us, as well as patience and long-term dedication to a healthy diet, body cleansing, and a balanced daily routine.

Like all of our cells, skin cells require nourishment, and incorporating all of these lifestyle changes into one’s routine will ensure that cell turnover can reach homeostasis and the skin can keep up with the demands of our lives.


The Top 5 Foods to Avoid for Clear Skin


unhealthy food that causes acne breakouts
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Here are the top toxic foods to avoid for clear skin and a healthy body. The main reason behind these choices is their high toxicity levels and the ability to harm and damage the body in the long term, resulting in chronic disease, emotional turmoil, and poor quality of life.

Instead, fruits – with their simple sugars that feed cells with direct energy without much digestion – are a great substitute for any of these food categories! Instead of harming your body, they nourish all the cells, tissues, and organs from the inside out.


1) Dairy


Dairy is made from another animal’s milk that is meant for its own species’ babies. Depending on the growing needs of the species, there are specific growth hormones, proteins, and nutrients in the milk that are to help that animal survive and thrive.

Likewise, the milk contains traces of all that was fed to the animals (hormones, antibiotics, pesticides, GMO foods, and more), that will find their way into our own system.

Consuming milk from another species is toxic, given that we are not naturally endowed with mechanisms to break down all the proteins, such as lactose, and our bodies view the substance as foreign material.

Contrary to popular belief, calcium in the form that is utilized and assimilated by humans is not found in cow or other milk (only our own!) – rather, it is acidic to our system and produces calcium leaching from our tissues and bones. Dairy not only produces mucus and chronic inflammation, but it is a precursor for many other health conditions, such as skin problems, heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.


2) Alcohol


Consumption of alcohol is detrimental to health holistically – from injuring the brain, liver, heart, bones, glands, and the central nervous system, it causes overall body acidification that weakens immunity and causes the body to adapt to the toxic overload of ethanol, even if this means leaching nutrients and minerals from its own tissues to stabilize all its important functions.

And since alcohol acts quickly to change our brain function, it is quite damaging to brain cells and neurons. Many mental health issues can be traced to alcohol use.

From injuries that occur during impairment to drinking side-effects that can cause poor quality of life, alcohol is a toxic substance whose 90% of metabolism goes through the liver and whose detrimental effects on holistic health cannot be understated.


3) Meat and Animal Fats


Meat is often sold to us in a culturally acceptable package as a normal human food group whose intake leads to proper nutrition and health. In reality, however, meat is nothing but the rotting flesh of a dead animal, whose “nutrients” come from its own tissue assimilation of plant matter. Indeed, the energy that most people feel from eating meat can be traced to the strong release of neurotransmitters from the animal’s adrenal glands as it gets into fight or flight mode facing imminent death.

To eat meat, humans first have to cook or bake it and then make it palatable with sauces and spices. No other omnivore or carnivore uses tools and culinary means to catch its prey and make its food palatable.

All carnivores and omnivores share a stronger stomach acid than that of humans (to break down the meat, parasites, and other pathogens more adequately) and a very short intestinal tract that can expel meat matter quickly, so that it doesn’t ferment in the guts.

Humans are not designed to eat meat, but as we are adaptable creatures with very evolved nervous systems that enable us to decide what we want to eat (as opposed to animals that are more distinctive and eat what they are meant to eat), over the millennia, we have adapted to the meat diet out of necessity and survival.


the effects of eating meat on health
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Eating meat, especially red meat, introduces all the chemistry of the dead animal’s flesh into our bodies (and consciousness), which could come loaded with foreign proteins, parasites, health issues, antibiotics, pesticides/GMO food fed to the animal, as well as the animal’s quality of life experience.

Additionally, meat is composed of complex proteins that are very hard for the body to decompose and process. The kidneys work overtime to break down the complex protein into amino acids, while the colon struggles to push the flesh out of the system.

Meat eaters would be surprised to find that they are carrying up to twenty pounds of fermenting meat matter that is stuck in their guts, unable to be pushed out through the colon’s long passageway.

This impacts the nutrient absorption level of the colon in the long run, and its obstruction could ultimately lead to many health problems, including colon cancer, heart problems, kidney failure, and other chronic inflammatory illnesses. And since the kidneys and the colon are two key elimination organs of the body, any burden on them will be expressed through various skin conditions.

If you still choose to eat meat while desiring to improve the condition of your skin, make sure to do a regular colon cleanse and nourish your kidneys with proper foods and herbs!


4) Fried Foods


The smell of fried foods may attract our senses, but eating them is definitely a no-no if you want to stay healthy and have clear skin!

The body does require essential fatty acids in the form of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which can be found in sesame seeds, pumpkin, and flax seeds, just to name a few sources.

However, bad fats and oils, especially if they’re heated to high temperatures, are very toxic to the body. Trans fats, or fats that come from processed vegetable oils, are known to cause inflammation and tissue damage throughout the body, which the body cools down and patches over down by producing high amounts of cholesterol.

Look at the ingredients section of anything you desire to purchase, and if you see any mention of hydrogenated or partially-hydrogenated oil, vegetable shortening, or margarine, skip the product!

All oils, including good oils like coconut and olive oils, change their chemical composition when heated under high temperatures, turning beneficial chemistry into processed, denatured, and toxic chemistry. Therefore, stay away from all fried foods, and instead, choose to eat foods with essential fatty acids in their primary form.


5) Processed Sugar


processed sugar and skin health
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Does sugar cause acne? This is one of the most frequent questions when it comes to skin issues and diet. The sugar debate has been long and confusing for most of us, since the mainstream consensus likes to cluster all sugar chemistry into one “unhealthy” category, but in actuality, not all sugars are created the same!

Simple sugars found naturally in fruit in the form of fructose (simple sugars) are meant to feed our cells with the highest form of pure energy our bodies need and can energize us sustainably for long stretches of time. Fructose from fruit is one of the best sources of energy for our cells and the optimal chemistry we require for detoxification and healing.

Organic – and preferably local –  fruits and vegetables are two foods that will give you clear skin if consumed in high quantity (at least 50%) on a daily basis.

I can full-heartedly vouch for the benefits of fruit, as I consume a high-fruit diet, which has helped me heal issues with the gut, acne, and eczema. And, whenever certain environmental stress factors challenged my health, going on a fruit cleanse always helped me heal and revitalize.

Fruit is “the” essential diet for those with sugar-metabolizing disorders, such as diabetes and hypoglycemia. Therefore, the claim about limiting fruits because they are high in sugar is absolutely false and has no chemical or physiological grounds for proof! In fact, fruit is the main food group I use to help clients reclaim their health, as they are the best detoxifiers in nature and have the highest bioelectric energy of all foods. 

On the other hand, sucrose, or what we know as conventional, refined sugar, enters the bloodstream quickly and places a lot of stress on the pancreas, the organ that deals with sugar metabolism.

When there’s too much glucose converted from sucrose, the consequence is liver taxation, general body inflammation, and the onset of sugar-metabolizing disorders, such as diabetes.

The overburdened liver is then unable to do its job to detoxify the body of toxins and nourish the organs and tissues with blood, and consequently, the skin will take over to compensate without all the tools it needs to stay vital.


The Health Benefits of Supporting the Liver and the Kidneys


The liver and the kidneys play a special role in promoting the healthy function of our pores and helping us achieve clearer skin! The liver is the alchemist of the body, converting toxins and hormones into water-soluble waste that is then sent to the skin and the colon to be eliminated from the body via urine and feces.

Although the liver is the major detoxification organ, it needs help from other organs to get rid of toxins that, if not expelled, cause additional chronic toxic build-up and inflammation. Therefore, helping the liver as well as its ‘helpers’ detoxify with a proper diet is key!

The colon usually takes the grunt of the work, by eliminating the majority of the toxins through the stool. The kidneys help the liver filter toxins through the lymphatic system and are fundamental in removing cellular and metabolic waste out of the body through urine.

But, if the kidneys and liver are too overwhelmed with the accumulation of toxins in the body, the skin comes to the aid and takes on much of the burden. It removes the stagnant chemicals and toxins from the lymphatic system through its pores, which reduces the body’s overall toxicity overload.

For kidney detox, I truly recommend a fruit and an herbal cleansing protocol. Here are my 8 essential herbs for cleansing the kidneys and my top 11 foods for kidney and bladder health! By including this knowledge to be a part of your daily dietary regimen, your kidneys will start to filter optimally, lessening the burden on the skin and lowering the overall inflammation levels in your body. 


Final Thoughts


skin issues healed by diet and lifestyle
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Essentially, eliminating harmful foods can be more effective than introducing healthier foods to an already unhealthy diet. These 5 foods should be avoided for clear skin, since they acidify the body’s terrain and weaken the elimination organs whose function is to keep the body healthy.

Clear skin cannot be achieved without the elimination of harmful dietary chemistry and turning to a proper diet. Once the shift is made, the body will start to hydrate naturally, fighting inflammation and redness and giving support to all elimination organs, including the skin.

Treatment thinking is a fad of our modern, short-term benefit cultural programming, since it can give us some relief but can’t fix the outlying issues causing our health problems.

By committing to a healthy diet and taking good care of yourself with a balanced lifestyle, problem skin will subside according to the level of cleansing achieved. For example, acne, eczema, and psoriasis have nothing to do with bacteria or faulty skin in itself, but rather with the internal environment of the body – the terrain.

Bacteria and fungi simply proliferate in acidic environments, since their job is to feed off of decay and acids (they even live in our lymph nodes and help us eliminate lymph waste), so killing them on the skin surface is a very faulty approach.

Instead, focus on bringing alkaline chemistry into your body by eating plenty of organic fruits and veggies, drinking water for hydration, and lowering stress levels that are taxing on the liver.

If you found this information helpful and would like to learn even more amazing facts about what it takes to detoxify safely and effectively, you can get my free guide to healing through detox on my home page.

About the Author

Anesa is the founder of and the chief integrative health practitioner at Red Grape Wisdom, with a mission to teach the public the truth about health and the principles of wellness that trace their roots back to our human origins and our connection to the cosmic and natural law. 

Anesa is the author of How to Detox Your Body Naturally and Safely, and her expertise lies in natural health diagnostics, holistic detoxification, and healing support. She uses many unique modalities to help others heal naturally and thrive such as naturopathy, medical astrology, iridology, and Eastern traditional herbal medicine.