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July 20, 2021 10:09 am

“Undigested waste products create AMA – an Ayurvedic term for toxins. According to Ayurveda, Ama is the root cause of all disease. Ama is very sticky by nature and clogs up internal channels in the body.” – Vasant Lad


does detox work?


Does detox work? That’s a question that most individuals who have just discovered the wellness path often ask. They may automatically think that being endowed by elimination organs is enough to have their body detoxify. By this logic, they mistakenly conclude that a detox diet and certain detox protocols are gimmicks. This train of thought is fundamentally based in not understanding the workings of the body and being unaware of natural law.

Here are some of the most common misconceptions about detoxification and why they were founded on a rocky foundation.

But first, let’s talk about the 7 basic types of toxins/pollutants that we encounter on a daily basis!


7 Types of Toxins and Pollutants That Harm Our Health


toxins and pollutants that accumulate in our body
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1) Metals

No matter what form they embody, heavy metals accumulate in the body tissues, especially in soft tissues such as the brain, ovaries, and fat tissues. They cause the same types of symptoms found in every illness: a) pain, b) intestinal issues and c) joint and muscular pain.


2) Chemical Toxins

Chemicals that come from personal and cleaning products are called multi-toxins because their adverse effect depends on the combination of chemicals that are present in each person; these chemicals accumulate over time and disrupt the body’s natural function.


3) Energetic Toxins

Digital tech pollution can affect the mind and body similarly to multi-toxins. They can exacerbate brain fog, stress, irritability, and facilitate other energetic imbalances. In addition, they cause mental fogginess, which is not related to blood sugar levels (similar to chemical toxins).

In particular, electromagnetic frequency (EMFs) derived from WiFi and other technology has been known to cause reproductive system damage, neurological degeneration, nervous system weakness, and cancer. One tip on how you can reduce exposure is to turn off your WiFi box at night!


4) Parasites

Parasites are another type of energetic toxin. Most of us have some form of parasites in our body, since it is very easy to get them not only from food, but also from contaminated water, through skin absorption, pets and travel.

Parasites affect gut and nervous system function, steal vital nutrition from our body, dominate our dietary preferences, generate toxic by-products and cause fatigue, brain fog, digestive issues, and pain.


5) Pollution and Pollutants

Environmental pollutants get into our body through the air that we breathe. This is why it’s helpful to have a clean internal environment, so the body can better deal with chemical pollutants like second hand smoke, car exhaust and other exposure.

Likewise, if you live in a city, make an effort to spend one day per week in nature where you can oxygenate your body and give it a break from chemical and pollution exposure.


6) Toxins From Our Food

These types of toxins are the most common cause of food sensitivities and allergic reactions. If we have inflammation in any body tissue, the body will not be able to eliminate toxins as effectively.

Foods that are not organic may contain high amounts of pesticides on top of additional added chemicals. These toxins can interfere with digestion and elimination of other foods which may then accumulate in various tissues causing symptoms.


7) Metabolic Toxins 

Metabolic waste is created by the body through cell respiration is present in our bodies on a daily basis by the shear fact that we’re alive! In addition to what we put in our bodies through food and air, the body itself continuously creates toxins through its normal metabolic functions.

The body’s “factory” is working non-stop to digest and eliminate, transport nutrients and oxygen around the body through the blood, excrete metabolic waste products from the tissues, fight off intrusive pathogens with the immune system, repair broken down tissues and so on. 

When we exercise, for example, the body’s metabolic function increases, and this cell waste is now accumulated to be expelled through the lymphatic and kidney channels. We may sweat out a lot of the cellular waste, but most will be removed through urine.

Therefore, if we are very active in our lives, but our kidneys and the lymphatic system are not strong, we may actually be doing more damage than good. Instead, light or moderate physical activity is always preferable, especially when on a detox or when healing the body.

All of these activities create heavy metabolic secretions and accumulation of waste material. Therefore, if our elimination organs are not working optimally to meet the demands of metabolic toxin overload, the waste will accumulate in body tissues and cause inflammation and tissue break-down over time.

Accumulation of Toxins and Formation of Disease


accumulation of toxins and formation of disease
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The point is that toxins/pollutants build up over time, and the mainstream consensus that many chemicals are safe at low level exposures is quite a dangerous fallacy. In fact, the laws of biology and physics require that, over time, a large amount of anything will cause saturation and imbalance.

Essentially, the build-up of toxins that are not easily eliminated by the body is the main cause of all diseases. In the Ayurvedic tradition, “Ama” are toxins that take over the human body and the holistic physician’s job is to find a way to remove Ama and restore balance and health to the system – which is self-healing and regenerative.

The body has two main ways of eliminating toxins: 1) water soluble, non-metallic chemicals are eliminated through the kidneys; 2) everything else is converted to water-soluble material by the liver and eliminated through the colon and skin.


Detox Misconception #1


As we discussed earlier, many people believe that simply having elimination organs is enough to keep our bodies safe from long-term toxin exposure.  

However, it is important to understand that the “elimination phase” of detoxification (through urination, sweating, and bowel movements) only deals with non-metallic and water soluble toxins.

However, if the liver, the kidneys, the colon and the skin are not functioning correctly – which is the case for most of us in the modern world due to genetics, diet, lifestyle or all of the above – and our toxic intake is higher than our toxic purge, our bodies may have a very hard time dealing with the excess acidosis, which, if not eliminated, will erode tissues and cause degeneration of cells, organs and glands over time.

For instance, if the liver is not functioning optimally, it will not be able to effectively detoxify heavy metals and chemicals, which leads to one of two scenarios: 1) the toxic material will accumulate in body tissue, causing inflammation and degeneration; 2) the liver cells themselves will become damaged and unable to perform their function, which will impact the performance and function of the other parts of the body that rely on healthy liver function.

The same goes for the kidneys! If the kidneys are not filtering acids out of the body, the toxins are accumulated in the interstitial fluid – the body’s sewage system – which is called the lymphatic system.

There, they can wreak havoc on the whole body and usually accumulate in the weakest areas where tissue break down or tumor formation occurs.

The lymphatic system covers the whole body, and through our movement and proper function facilitated by diet and light exercise, moves all the water-soluble toxic fluid back to the kidneys to be eliminated through urine.


Detox Misconception #2


Detox diets and protocols are a fad and don’t do what they advertise.


juice detox fast
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The best way to keep the body toxin-free is through a proper diet that is derived from nature. An alkaline diet is not only regenerative (nutritious) but also detoxifying (toxin purgative).

Therefore, introducing the body to alkaline chemistry through organic juices and raw vegan foods will cool down inflammation, bring nutrition to cells and organs that are malnourished and promote better elimination.

Likewise, these foods are very light and chemically simple and require very little digestive capacity, which is important during detoxification when energy is redirected to healing.

In my opinion, there are two parts to this misconception:

1) Some “detox diets” promote a diet with meats/eggs/milk and fermented foods, which do not eliminate the food chemistry that causes inflammation in the first place, nor do they give a break to the digestive system, which accounts for 70% of our energetic loss.

2) Detox protocols that are not “scientifically measurable” are still effective, because they are based on the laws of nature (energy), as described by all ancient healing cultures!

These protocols may include various yogic breathing exercises, Qi Gong practice and body massage, colon cleanse/colonics, and other ways of eliminating toxins out of the body, which promote the movement of obstructions that cause conglomeration of acids.

If the body is too acidic, it creates protective mechanisms to prevent the acids from degenerating other tissues and organs. This can manifest in the form of protective pockets of acids or tumors (this is exactly how cancer develops and why detox is the pillar for its effective treatment).

As far as elimination diets, they are immensely helpful in reducing allergies, inflammation, chronic pain, and improving diabetes, skin problems and other health conditions.

Since they lower overall toxin intake, the body is now more readily available to go into its self-healing mode. Elimination diets help support kidney function and can quickly lower inflammation and its symptoms. 

So, what’s the best approach on how to detox effectively? An alkaline juice or fast and a detox protocol that enables the circulation of the blood and lymphatic system as well as removal of inner obstructions are key to bringing the body into homeostasis and restoring it to its proper function.

In actuality, a detox diet is essential to healing any illness and achieving optimal health.

There is no other way that is more effective in naturopathy or modern medicine!


Detox Misconception #3


Disease and illness are mysterious and hard to understand. We can only be defensive against disease, and once we have it, we are at mercy of it.

Nothing could be farther from the truth. Disease is a byproduct of the natural law of cause and effect. It can only arise if conditions are in place for it to develop due to a number of imbalances that cause our body’s self-healing mechanism to malfunction.

These imbalances can be the product of genetics, diet, environment, lifestyle and emotional/mental patterns. If there is enough imbalance to override the body’s protective and healing mechanisms, illness will inevitably form.

We are the gatekeepers of our body and health, and if we have caused imbalances (knowingly or unknowingly), we can also choose to consciously remove them. We are not the victims of our outside world, rather, we are the products of our own choices, habits, and patterns.

All in all, does detox work to help the body heal? Absolutely! Disease doesn’t befall us – it is created. If we consciously choose to live a life that is harmonious to natural law, we will ensure health for life.

Taking preventative measures is the essential course of action, since effects are harder, more expensive, and more time-consuming to correct. And if we do experience symptoms of illness, it is only a sign for the need for self-reflection and course readjustment. Illness reminds us that we are off-course and gives us the nudge we need to correct it.


Final Thoughts


healthy and thriving
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Detoxification through dietary elimination, dietary supplementation, removal of toxic obstructions and resting of the digestive system is one of the oldest and most effective health regimen recommended by many ancient cultures and traditions.

Both Ayurveda and Chinese traditional Medicine use foods, purgative methods and detoxifying herbs to help patients achieve bodily homeostasis (or the pH balance of interstitial fluid).

Overall, the main goal is a healthy, efficient elimination system and a free-flowing passage-way for all organs of elimination. Without unburdening and healing the body’s elimination systems, any other health initiative – such as short-term treatments – will prove ineffective in the long-run.

Detoxification is both an art and a science, so the steps may be too steep to climb for those just starting out, and that is why knowledge and support are essential!

That is exactly why I had created this free guide to ultimate system detoxification to help teach you about the power of fruits and herbs as nature’s greatest healers and provide you with a 3 month dietary plan to reverse disease symptoms!

Does detox work for you? I would love to hear about your story in the comments below!

About the Author

Anesa is the founder of and the chief integrative health practitioner at Red Grape Wisdom, with a mission to teach the public the truth about health and the principles of wellness that trace their roots back to our human origins and our connection to the cosmic and natural law. 

Her expertise lies in diagnostics, holistic detoxification, and healing support. She uses many unique modalities to help others heal naturally and thrive such as naturopathy, medical astrology, iridology, and Eastern traditional herbal medicine. 

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