Detox Wellness Courses

Learn about your body, ancient healing modalities, food energetics and safe detox protocols in our premier course  - Detoxing The Right Way: Tools to Maximize Healing and Navigate Through Pitfalls.


How this course can help you take your power back and transform your health naturally in as little as 3 months:

  • Learn all about natural detoxification and why it is so important for health
  • Understand the role of acidic and alkaline chemistry in foods, thought, and emotions
  • Apply natural law and bioenergetics to your health decisions and lifestyle
  • Know what to eliminate from your food cabinet, personal products, and life
  • Get to know the importance of the kidneys, the lymphatic system and the elimination organs
  • Gain all the tools you need to safely detox and strengthen your body without experiencing too many side-effects
  • Learn about the ideal diet that cleans the body and regenerates tissues (and what to eat on your detoxification protocol depending on your current diet and lifestyle)
  • Understand how to navigate detox symptoms and the healing crisis
  • Get the advice you need to keep motivated, grounded and empowered during the healing journey
  • Know how to recognize the signs of regeneration and how to support the body in the process

*PLUS: You'll receive 5 essential resources that will help practically guide you to apply all that you learn in this course toward personal healing!


Start taking concrete steps toward your best life...

Learn. Apply. Transform.

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