How to Detox Your Body Naturally and Safely:

Embracing an Alkaline Diet, Herbal Remedies, and Energizing Modalities to Heal Your Body From Chronic Inflammation and Disease

How to Detox Your Body with Detoxing FoodsNaturally and Safely

Do you suffer from brain fog, pain, aches, low energy, arthritis, inflammation, anxiety, hormonal imbalances, depression, and other "common" health issues? 

Have you been to the doctor only to be told that nothing is wrong with you? Or worse yet, that you should take prescription medicine, and in time, your problem would be fixed? You are not alone - many of us have been there (including myself)!

If this sounds like you, chances are that you are suffering from chronic acidosis that has progressed to cellular, tissue, muscular, or glandular inflammation, and degeneration.

In my own experience and practice, the only way to reverse these symptoms is through long-term and natural body detoxification - without fad diets, craze detox cleanses, and expensive supplements. Natural detoxification hydrates, regenerates, and helps the body in its self-healing process. My mission with this body detox book is to show you how and guide you through the process!

Out of 100 clients who came to our clinic and followed a detoxification regimen, 80 were able to eliminate their cancers. I know of no better way to heal, clean and rebuild the body than through detoxification and regeneration of its cells, through diet and herbs. If you take responsibility for your health and open your heart, it is unbelievable what you can accomplish.

Dr. Robert Morse, ND

Naturopath, Herbalist & My Teacher

Health is a holistic state of being, and understanding your body and how energy works within it is the foundation of knowing how to establish healthy habits for life. 

This book will show you how to become your own healer, reverse your disease symptoms, and help others on their healing journeys! By applying the knowledge you learn, you'll be able to heal many of your chronic disease symptoms in 3-6 months (or longer, depending on the disease severity and your constitution).

This 150-page body detox e-book will teach you about how your body works energetically and how to prepare your body for detox. It will also show you how you can incorporate detoxing foods, herbs, and simple lifestyle modalities for cellular regeneration and healing of chronic inflammation. 

You will learn:
  • Everything you need to know about health and the body - understand disease causation; the simple ways to stay healthy and vital; why knowledge of the body is key to self-empowerment; and the role of community and support in healing
  • The root cause of all disease - what is body inflammation and how it occurs; health symptoms of chronic inflammation; tips to reduce and reverse inflammation; and why a raw, alkaline diet is key to reversing disease
  • Which foods to avoid and why - when what we eat becomes energetically costly; the importance of eating for chemistry and energy; why dairy, meat, lectins, complex protein, processed foods, fried foods, trans fats, and even cooked foods are harmful to health
  • Essential tips to avoid toxic exposure - how the body becomes toxic; the most common toxic body symptoms; ways to avoid toxic exposure in daily life; why detoxification is the essential path to healing and wellness
  • What you need to know to detox safely and effectively - understand energetic input and output; the amazing benefits of a fruit diet and the fruit sugar debate; why a fruit diet is optimal for pancreatic and kidney disorders; things to watch out for on a fruit diet; healing with herbs and best herbs for detoxification; top foods for detoxing the body and kidney regeneration; why the lymphatic system and the kidneys govern toxic removal from the body; the best detoxing drinks to support kidney function
  • The complete guide to body detoxification - the role of bioenergetics in nature and the body; why thoughts and emotions can instigate disease; the impact of self-love; what to eat on a detox protocol; the best diet for eliminating acids and toxins; 3 month body cleanse plan with detoxing foods; wellness habits to detox your body and life
  • The best detox practices for longevity - the benefits of a juice cleanse; the power of raw, cleansing foods; why eat organic; how to maintain lymphatic health with exercise; the important role of resting and fasting 
  • How to deal with detox symptoms and the healing crisis - what is a healing crisis and the most common healing crisis symptoms; how to handle detox symptoms; what to keep in mind on this transformation journey

Get the Book Today & Experience Tangible Results in Only 3 Months!   

Why is this e-book different from other natural detoxification books?

Explains how the body works chemically and energetically

This book comes from years of study, research, understanding, and tangible results on myself and other clients. It not only gives you with the tools you need to heal and thrive, but it explains how your body works so that you can create your own healthy lifestyle that works for your unique body and experience.

Combines ancient knowledge of the body with nutrition and modern functional medicine

The book combines the knowledge of nutrition and the best functional medicine practices with ancient wisdom of the laws of nature, or bioenergetics, to help you make healthy decisions for life.

Teaches you about the more difficult aspects of detoxification 

Illness takes time to express itself physically in the body, and healing is likewise a long-term process with physical and emotional ups and downs. Knowing what to expect and how to navigate the detox pitfalls will ensure your healing is successful. 

Is realistic about what it takes to heal the body in terms of alkaline nutrition, time, and effort

Detoxification is a life-long practice and not a short-term fad. It takes knowledge and dedication. Knowing what it takes to heal and how to take care of your body will empower you to keep going on the journey - even when the going gets tough.  

Book Author, Anesa Kratovac

About the Author: Anesa Kratovac

Anesa is a natural health practitioner and the founder of Red Grape Wisdom. She specializes in natural detoxification modalities, nutrition, and utilizes her knowledge in Eastern traditional medicine, herbalism, functional medicine, iridology, medical astrology, and metaphysics, to help her clients get well and thrive.

Anesa's vision for a better world is simple - to help you understand your body and learn how to heal yourself with nature

Detoxing the body effectively and safely

How to Detox Your Body Naturally and Safely


If you've tried all the common detox fads, popular supplements, week-long cleanses, and expensive products and didn't get too far with long-term health benefits, this is the information you've been looking for!

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