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In this detox corner, you can find some of my favorite recommendations for the best detox products and online stores. I am committed to only supporting like-minded businesses and products that are exceptional and which have helped me personally on my healing and regeneration journey.

They represent some of the best quality wellness products and ventures you can find online, and I hope they prove to be great complements to your own healing journey!

Please note that since I'm very fond of the following businesses and want to support them, I have decided to become an affiliate partner with some of them. When you click on the links below and make a purchase, a small donation will go towards supporting my own small business at no additional charge to you. 

Thank you and may the cosmic healing force be with you!

Best Detox Products

Starwest Botanicals 

Starwest Botanicals is one of my favorite herbal stores, since they have been around since the 1970s and have the wisdom it takes to work with and sell herbs. They are one of the first and largest all-organic herbal stores in America and are devoted to environmentally-frienenvironmentally friendlydly and conscious practices that span cultivation, production, and distribution of their herbs. 

They are also devoted to growing and selling the highest quality herbs and spices and have an on-site testing laboratory that ensures all herbs are tested for contaminants and heavy metals. 

What I like about them is that they also sell in bulk - meaning I can buy a pound of my favorite nettle from Bulgaria to last me for months (and which I can also use to make medicinal products like tinctures, salves, and more)!

Starwest Botanicals Herbs and Spices

Dr. Robert Morse's Health Club

Dr. Morse has been the paramount figure in my healing journey and the path toward mastering natural detoxification. Absorbing his knowledge of food chemistry and experience with healing patients with food and herbs for over 50 years has added to my repertoire of understanding how health and natural/cosmic law are so related. Dr. Morse has a free and private Herbal Health Club, where he shares pdfs of his detoxification protocols and where members can purchase his one-of-a-kind herbal medicines. 

I’ve used Dr. Morse’s tinctures for many years now (they have the best solvent-to-herb ratio on the market) and am such a big proponent of his products - he’s a lifesaver, to say the least. All of his herbal medicines are made with organic and highest quality ingredients, and his products are never shipped by air where they go through radiation scanning. 

He combines his decades of knowledge of herbs and ensures that medicines are crafted into the most potent formulas found on the market. I truly recommend all of his books, educational material, and quality detox products if you’re truly serious about your detoxification and regeneration journey.

Dr. Morse's Natural Health Club for Detox

Bliss Energetics

Ah, this lovely gem of a small family business has been such a treat! I use Bliss Energetics’ Tooth Puddy to remineralize my teeth and am very impressed with not only the sheer amount of revitalizing products they offer but also with the unique Ayuverdic ingredients they use. The amazing founder and the maker of every product batch, Jenna, has been a student of holistic healing since she was 19, and has deepened her knowledge of herbalism and Ayurveda over the years since. 

Jenna understands that the ingredients she uses have particular energy (consciousness), therefore her own intuitive voice helps her make the best batch of healing products each time. Not only do I love her story and share a similar journey, the quality of her organic hand-made products is very rare even by natural wellness industry standards!

Bliss Energetics offers tooth remineralization and gum healing products, graying/hair loss products, tinctures, tissue/organ strengthening tonics, stress and allergy relief products, and much more. And, you don't have to take my word for it. There are many life-changing reviews on their website and Instagram page, which are very telling of the incredible changes people have experienced after using the products!

If you decide to make a purchase with my links above, Jenna and I will be happy to discount your first order by 10% with the following checkout code: REDGRAPEWISDOM_DETOXPROGRAMS

Bliss Energetics Wellness Products


Khroma is a wonderful business owned by a couple that is dedicated to creating and outsourcing the highest quality herbal medicinal and detox products that are all organic and made without any additives and only bottled in glass. All their products are third-party tested for quality!

They have some wonderful products for the endocrine gland system, including for the pituitary (which is the gland that regulates all other glands, including the thyroid and adrenals). I truly recommend it for hormonal imbalance symptoms and more efficient organ performance. I also personally recommend Khroma's Irish Sea Moss tincture, as it has been part of my daily body remineralization routine for over a few months now. 

Khroma also offers meditation and mental health bundles made up of tinctures and herbal capsules that help with relaxation, mood regulation, and energy levels. Overall, Connor and Renae have vast experience running supplement businesses and as a result, have created Khroma as a pinnacle of what an herbal medicine store should aspire to.

Khroma Herbal Products for Detox

The Perfect Water

The importance of pure, clean, and high-frequency water cannot be overstated when it comes to health. Water not only nourishes and cleans our bodies, it also eliminates blockages to energy flow that cause disease over time. Water carries memory and frequency - as well as minuscule compounds of all that it has encountered on its journey of flow. Most of our water comes from industrial purification containers that cannot filter out heavy metals, microbes, and even pharmaceutical medication. 

Not only that, but the water is devoid of contact with nature and its Schumann frequency. This all means that instead of being the panacea for our health malaise, it contributes to it through the acidification of the body. Reverse osmosis is the only process of water filtration that removes organic and inorganic compounds from water, including fluoride and residual medical drugs. While water distillation is also a commendable filtration process, it doesn’t remove all the chemicals that could be found in water. 

When on a detox, in particular, drinking the best type of water is of vital importance. While spring water is absolutely the best when it comes to its composition, it is full of natural minerals that may be too heavy and fortifying for the body on a detox protocol. Likewise, most spring water is usually stored in plastic, meaning it will probably contain some BPA. 

One of my favorite filters is the Home Master TMAFC Artesian Full Contact Reverse Osmosis System. It not only has 9 distillation cycles (one of the highest found on the market), but it is likewise affordable and liked by other users. One filter lasts a whole year and the water truly tastes natural, crisp, and unadulturated. Never underestimate the power of pure, clean water when it comes to achieving better health, more energy, and greater vitality!

The Perfect Water Reverse Osmosis Filters

Our Botanicals

This natural health store includes wellness products that are recommended and made by a community of wellness practitioners, and include some of my favorite detox products made from potent formulations by a number of natural healers! 

The reason why they are one-of-a-kind is that they are made using some of the most quality wildcrafted and organic herbs and herbal mixtures that are known to pull acids from tissues and regenerate cells. I am a big fan of herbal tinctures for healing, and for best results, I consume them in my hot herbal tea first thing in the morning. 

Our Botanicals also holds specialty wellness and detox items that I really like, particularly the “Our Healing Tea.” This tea is a very powerful gut cleaner and rebuilder and goes very well with any detox protocol. The anti-inflammatory tea can be consumed throughout the day and should be drunk without any sweeteners. It’s a wonderful detox product that should be a part of every health conscious person’s morning routine.

Our Botanicals Detox Herbs and Products


My Detox Tips and Tricks

The path to healing is often confusing, lonely, and tiresome, but I want to inspire you to start and keep going! Living life fully with a body that supports your dreams and goals is such a blessing.

To help you better prepare for the most effective ways you can detox your body naturally from toxins, acids, and chemicals, I wrote the following in-depth articles that will provide you with the right understanding of your body, how disease forms, and ways you can heal your body from chronic inflammation through full body detoxification: