3 Incredible Benefits of Coconut Oil Pulling With Charcoal

There are many benefits to oil pulling, but did you know that oil pulling with charcoal is even more beneficial for your health? Here are my top 3 reasons why you should start coconut oil pulling with charcoal today!

Oil pulling is one of the major detoxification methods that the ancient healing tradition of Ayurveda uses to keep the body in homeostasis and healthy. It is predicated on swishing quality, cold-pressed oil in the mouth through the teeth for approximately 5 – 10 minutes every morning. The antiseptic and antifungal properties in the oils are meant to pull toxins, fungi, and bad bacteria from the mouth, teeth, and gums, helping to stop them from proliferating and entering the bloodstream through the gums and cuts. 

Did you know there are over 700 types of bacteria that live in your mouth? Not all of them are harmful bacteria, but the competition for the control of the mouth’s terrain is happening every day! Studies show that oil pulling significantly reduces the presence of bacteria in the saliva. By creating a more alkaline terrain in the mouth where fewer bad bacteria can exist, you can ensure better oral health and eliminate bad breath, cavities, inflammation of the gums, plaque, and tooth stains. 

In fact, coconut oil is one of the most effective oils used for well-being, since it is composed of three medium-chain fatty acids (MCFA) that are easy for the body to digest and convert into fuel. In addition to its antimicrobial, antifungal, and antiviral properties, coconut oil is a wonderful nervous system and brain nourisher and supports overall health when taken internally regularly. 


Activated Charcoal is a Binder That Captures Toxins More Effectively


Activated charcoal is created with high temperatures and steam without oxygen. During the process, all the volatile compounds are eliminated and carbon atoms are peeled off. Once it cools down, it is water-washed or acid-washed to remove residual soluble ash’s acidic content. 

Since toxins are positively charged, the negative charge of the activated charcoal attracts and binds to toxins very effectively. By using both coconut oil and activated charcoal, you create double potency of synergized compounds that work together dynamically to pull out the most detrimental toxins like the streptococcus bacteria that can easily find themselves in the bloodstream. 


Activated Charcoal is a Binder That Captures Toxins More Effectively
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#1 – It Can Improve Your Gut Health


The mouth and the gut are intricately connected and in most ancient healing traditions, the health of the gut can be reflected by the state of the mouth and tongue. Likewise, bad breath originates as a problem with the gut flora and not with oral hygiene itself. 

By detoxifying the mouth of bad bacteria and toxic pathogens, you can promote a more alkaline flora in your gut. This alone will improve your state of immunity, digestion, mood, and sense of well-being!

Not only should you use activated charcoal to oil pull so that bad bacteria don’t find themselves in the gut, but consuming activated charcoal along with bentonite clay on an empty stomach weekly can help detoxify your digestive tract effectively so that any heavy metals, parasites, and toxins that have found themselves in the bowels can be eliminated through the feces.

Since activated charcoal doesn’t stay in the body and like a filter, works to bind to opposite chemistry, it is one of the most powerful detoxifying compounds in nature. 


#2 – It Reduces Bad Toxin Overload


Improves Skin Conditions 


Since the mouth is in closer proximity to the tonsils, which govern the sewage system of the head area of the body, removing the toxic overload in the mouth and the nasal passage can greatly eliminate the need for the facial skin to take over in its efforts to detoxify localized acids and toxins.

If the kidneys are not properly filtering out toxins, the skin takes over the feat. Although the skin does detoxify regularly through sweat, if it is delegated to detoxify more than it can, it will simply ooze the acidic waste in the form of eczema, psoriasis, and acne. 


Helps Relieve Headaches 


Since the head area can get congested due to our diet and lifestyle, oil pulling helps to stimulate circulation in the area, which helps the lymphatic system move its waste to the tonsils and other lymph nodes for elimination. 

Likewise, oil pulling lowers the toxin overload in the head area, whose accumulation can be symptomatic of headaches, heaviness, stuffiness, and heaviness. 


Promotes Better Energy Levels


Since the body has more energy if it is not burdened by processing, denaturing, and eliminating waste from the body, helping to lower the toxic burden is key to having more energy and vitality!

This can start with choosing to go all-natural with personal and cleaning products and alkalizing the body with a mucusless, organic diet. These two lifestyle changes themselves will ensure that you are not consuming toxins and weakening the body as a result. 

Oil pulling, tongue scraping, dry skin brushing, Yoga/Qi Gong, and light massage are supplementary lifestyle practices that will only help promote this process of body alkalization and regeneration.

Remember, no one practice will treat or cure any condition long-term! The solution to holistic wellness lies in a healthier lifestyle, diet, and mental/emotional approach to life. 


#3 – It Cures Chronic Ailments


Over time, certain chronic conditions can be vastly improved through coconut oil pulling with activated charcoal. The mechanism behind the healing effects of oil pulling lies in the fact that the removal of toxins from the mouth lowers the overall toxic overload the body has to process. This helps to provide a break to all the detoxification and elimination organs, thus lifting the burden off of and strengthening the liver, the kidneys, the bowels, and the skin. 

Indeed, oil pulling helps eliminate a toxic load from the body, making the body less acidic and providing it with the chance to heal and regenerate. 

If you’re looking to heal any ailment, oil pulling should be a part of your detoxification protocol! 

In fact, according to a 1996 survey analysis of 1041 testimonies, surveyed individuals reported that oil pulling helped them cure many different types of ailments. Here are the numbers and reported conditions that were alleviated with oil pulling:


Common disease (allergies, cold, flu, headaches) 758
Allergy and respiratory problems of lungs (asthma and bronchitis) 191
Skin problems (pigmentation, itching, rashes, scars, eczema, psoriasis) 171
Digestive system issues  155
Constipation 110
Arthritis and joint pains 91
Heart disease and blood pressure 74
Diabetes 56
Piles 27
Female Reproductive issues (fibroids, hormones, menstrual problems, fertility) 21


How to Oil Pull with Activated Charcoal


How to Effectively Oil Pull with Activated Charcoal
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The best recipe is to combine one tablespoon of virgin, cold-pressed coconut oil with half a teaspoon of activated charcoal. You can also add a touch of turmeric or clove powders to the mixture – two Ayurvedic powerhouses that are known for their oral care benefits.

Before brushing your teeth, use a spoon to mix the mixture and swish it in the mouth for up to 20 minutes (the longer the better). Make sure to get the concoction through your teeth and if you have wisdom teeth, target your focus there. 

Once you’re done swishing the coconut oil mixture, spit it out and swish your mouth with pure water a few times. If possible, use a tongue scraper to scrape your tongue right after and follow up by brushing your teeth with a natural, fluoride-free toothpaste. 

If you really want to see the quick benefits of coconut oil pulling with charcoal, my advice is to oil pull twice daily – once in the morning and once before bed

And voila, that’s it!


Final Thoughts


Oil pulling is a wonderful ancient Ayurvedic tradition that has been used for millennia to clean the body of toxins and help it regenerate.

Alongside diet, lifestyle, and other detoxification techniques, coconut oil pulling with charcoal is a wonderful tool that eliminates bad bacteria, fungus, and toxins from the mouth before they can find themselves in the blood or the intestinal tract. It also reduces the toxic overload on the lymphatic system – the body’s sewage system – enabling the body to use energy for metabolic processes and self-repair. 

While cold-pressed oil is an effective detoxifier, activated charcoal complements its function by being a super binder. By binding to toxins, activated charcoal holds them in place for elimination. Unlike regular oil pulling that may leave behind “pulled” toxins in the mouth, activated charcoal will bind to them and expel them with follow-up water swishing. 

Inevitably, detoxification is a holistic process that helps the body heal and regenerate over time. It is both an art and a science with many intricacies. If you’d like to learn more about the main things you should know before going on a full-body detox, you can check out my complimentary guide that will help you navigate this transformational journey!

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