My Favorite 3 Day Detox Cleanse


“If the diet is wrong, medicine is of no use. If the diet is correct, medicine is of no use.” – Ancient Ayurvedic Proverb


A detox cleanse is essential to keep healthy in this day and age when we are consumed by stress, modern technology, artificial lifestyle, and man-made chemicals.

If you are looking for a manageable and gentle cleanse that will help support your body’s elimination pathways and self-healing capacity, the following 3-day detox protocol is one that I use very often myself and that I recommend to everyone looking to clean their bodies effectively while still enjoying an active lifestyle.  

For the following detox, you don’t have to take time off or fear hunger pains. Rather, it is an enjoyable, nourishing, and raw-full protocol that will make you feel both energized and content

I recommend that you do the following detox cleanse as often as possible, and if you feel called to it or are looking to recover from a chronic condition, follow this alkaline diet regimen as long as you can as your regular diet. The benefits you will receive will be extraordinary – from how you look and feel to how you live your life and see the world. It only takes making that first step…


How Chemistry Impacts Health


Although allopathic (modern) medicine would like us to think that health is complex and is the arena of experts where “we,” the ignorant public, should not venture for the sake of damaging ourselves beyond repair, quite the opposite is true! You don’t have to understand every process of the body to know that the chemistry you internalize, you experience (cause and effect). We are the guardians of what chemistry we choose to play with. 

Life is a delicate balance between the alkaline and acidic elements – namely, 80% alkalinity and 20% acidity. Think of the Yin and Yang symbol and its proportions to understand the elements’ interplay and how they constitute the whole. All that is chemically active in our 3D reality flourishes in an alkaline environment and corrodes in an acidic environment. Maintaining an alkaline body terrain through alkaline chemistry is key to homeostasis in our highly toxic world!

Isn’t it interesting that most of nature intuitively knows what to do to survive and thrive on instinct, but humanity still seems to be confused about its place in the natural ecosystem? We are confused about the diets meant for us to thrive, how energy affects us, and our abilities to create, direct, and shape energy. 


How to Harness the Body’s Healing Capacity


How to Harness the Body's Healing Capacity
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The two essential things our bodies require of us for optimal homeostasis are additional energy input through alkaline food chemistry and very little energetic output.

Our output can be minimized by us being conscious of how we spend our reserves and making sure we rest, get plenty of sleep, and disconnect from the modern world to quiet our thinking and balance our nervous system. 

Another way we can help the body is by eating simply. Consuming meals made of only a few ingredients or that are as close to nature as possible (raw and unprocessed) ensures that the body will need to use less energy to convert its chemistry through digestion.

Likewise, eating small portions and intermittent fasting as often as possible to give the body a break from using its energetic reserves for digestion will help jumpstart the body’s natural healing capacity and promote cell and tissue regeneration, which the body can seldom do because of constant energetic output used for digestion, thinking, activity, and emotions. 

Indeed, digestion uses 70% of our body’s energy reserves, which then leaves the majority of the 30% for thinking and activity and a minuscule amount for cleansing and repair! Our body is working hard just to keep us alive and going every day with the energy it has, let alone have the opportunity to heal our outstanding health issues.

Through cleansing and fasting, we can finally allow it to turn to repair and use its energy stores to reverse inflammation and correct outstanding toxic buildup that, if left unchecked, could lead to chronic disease

Keep in mind, the goal is to always ensure to consume more energy than is used by the body through digestion, thinking, action, and emotional exertion. How difficult that seems to be in this day and age, right? But, with a diet high in raw fruits (the highest energy you can consume coupled with the lowest digestive necessity), eight hours of rest/sleep per night, feeling good in one’s skin and life, as well as daily meditation/breath work to let the mind and nervous system relax and reboot, you will succeed to bring your body back to the state of homeostasis. 

Inevitably, degeneration and death occur when the body runs out of vital energy, because it has so chronically degenerated that it does not have any more compensatory mechanisms in place to keep itself alive. Have you ever noticed how individuals close to death usually can’t eat much and their bodies go through a self-imposed fast as the last effort toward survival? 

Even when we get sick, our body’s natural response is to produce an aversion to food to conserve energy to help us heal. It does this to prevent us from ingesting the chemistry it will need to digest, which would deplete the energetic reserves it requires to get us well. If we understand that the body is so magnificent, intelligent, and wise, then we will need to heavily question why we need external “medical intervention” to improve on its brilliance.

Knowledge fosters personal power…and coupled with wisdom, it is the basis for greater conscious awareness of our innate divinity and connection to the Source! 


What Does it Take to Be and Stay Healthy?


What It Takes to Have a Healthy Life
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Indeed, health is simplebe and eat as close to nature as possible! That is truly it – eat raw, organic, and unadulterated foods. You don’t need doctor checkups, vitamin supplements, and expensive natural treatments to achieve wellness.

Treatments only relieve symptoms and may help accelerate healing, whereas long-term healthy habits render an internal alkaline terrain that makes illness and its symptoms impossible. 

Overall, the following are practices that should be conducted regularly to detoxify, regenerate and live in the highest state of wellness nature has intended for our species:

    • Eat what humans are meant to eat – that which comes raw from nature

    • Eat your foods fresh, ripe, raw, and unprocessed, as all other animals do

    • Rest and get plenty of sunshine

    • Move your body lightly and adopt Yoga and Qi Gong to oxygenate, energize, and promote movement of the lymphatic system 

    • Clean your body out of all toxins, including chemicals, heavy metals, antibiotics, excessive hormones, excessive proteins, unnecessary mucus, destructive parasites, pesticides, and more

    • Fast to free the body of energetic depletion through digestion and use the energy towards healing and regeneration

    • Conquer and minimize stress through movement, relaxation, breath, and meditation

    • For skin health and improved lymphatic movement, commit to dry skin brushing once a day

    • To improve lymph flow and blood circulation, massage your body lightly by dragging your fingertips over the lymphatic nodes and major points of stagnation 

Once you make these holistic changes, your elimination organs will not only improve in their function, but if it is genetically weak, to begin with, and depending on how far you want to take your detoxification and regeneration process, they can be genetically strengthened!


What is Detoxification and How Does it Work?


Detoxification and regeneration are both an art and an energetic science that can be customized to each individual’s lifestyle, sensitivities, personality, and will. Therefore, what works for one person may not necessarily work for another. Each of us is built differently and has grown up in an environment that has shaped our habits, diets, and experiences. True healing is a process of wisdom, understanding, gentle testing, intuition, and adjustment. 

Long-term detoxification is not an easy process, since the body will expel many acids and toxins that have accumulated in us during our lifetimes. The act of releasing acidic chemistry may not feel physically and emotionally pleasant for a duration of time (the severity of this healing crisis depends on the level of toxicity of our bodies) but will stabilize once heavy acidosis is purged. 

Since the physical organs and tissues are connected to our emotional and spiritual body, working on physical detox will likewise trigger corresponding emotional cleansing. This could result in floodgates of shifting lower-frequency emotions to be unleashed as they are purged. We may re-experience certain thoughts and emotions that we had suppressed long ago, which are made conscious to be properly dealt with and released. 

Spontaneous crying, irritability, rollercoaster emotions and sadness may be experienced as the body is expelling acids from corresponding tissues and organs that govern these emotional centers. Although it may not feel like it at the time, this is all temporary and will inevitably set you free from the chemistry, emotions, and vibrations that hold you back from experiencing bliss!

Detoxification for vitality and longevity is essentially a lifestyle – a life-long commitment to our health and well-being.


My Simple 3-Day Detox Plan


My Gentle 3 Day Detox Cleanse
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However, if the step is too steep, and it probably is for most individuals just starting out on this wellness journey, any detox practice you can commit to as an occasional habit will help your body tremendously in healing itself. 

Inevitably, the detoxification process asks of us patience, commitment and a strong will to implement its wisdom and experience as a part of a holistic lifestyle for life, be it through a daily, weekly, or monthly cleansing practice. 

Even a 3-day detox can help support your body in purging acidifying chemistry and increasing your cellular energy levels to boost the body’s self-healing mechanisms. 

Here is the 3-day detox regimen that I recommend that takes into account the body’s adaptation to cleansing foods and the speed at which it should detoxify so as not to cause too many detoxification symptoms.

But first, you may want to learn the ins and outs of preparing your body for detox and detoxing the right away before you get ready to conduct your 3-day detox cleanse which I recommend you should do at least once every three months.


1st Day Detox Protocol


    • Eliminate all dairy, animal products, alcohol, coffee, sodas, processed sugar, bread/pasts, processed sauces, fried foods, processed/packaged foods, and from your diet during the 3 day detox

    • Start the day with a herbal detox tea first thing in the morning, followed by organic fruits of your choice or a fruit smoothie (make sure you only use fruit and no veggies, since mixing them could cause fermentation and gastric discomfort)

    • For lunch, have a plant-based meal of your choice 

    • If you feel hungry throughout the day, munch on dried figs, dates, and coconut shreds

    • Sip on lemon water (purified, distilled, or spring water only) throughout the day

    • For dinner, have a small Mediterranean salad (for dressing, use only olive oil and lemon)

    • Eat dinner no later than 6:30 pm


2nd Day Detox Protocol


    • Start your day with detox herbal tea first thing in the morning, again followed by an organic fruits breakfast or a fruit smoothie

    • For lunch, have a large vegan salad with bitter greens, organic veggies, avocado, fresh or dried herbs (be generous), and a simple olive oil (very little) and fresh lemon dressing. Don’t use any salt, spices, or seasonings. I also recommend tearing up a sheet of seaweed nori in the salad, which is great for heavy metal detox

    • Munch on dried figs, dates, and/or coconut chips if hungry throughout the day

    • Sip on lemon water throughout the day

    • For dinner, enjoy the fruits of your choice 

    • A few hours before bedtime, enjoy a cup of chamomile tea (wonderful for calming the nervous system and potential anxiety caused by detoxification)

    • Don’t eat past 6:30pm


3rd Day Detox Protocol


    • Repeat the day 2 regimen. However, if you feel you need a deeper cleanse and you feel your body is ready for it (you’ve been plant-based for a while and have done body cleanses beforehand), I wholeheartedly recommend doing a full day of only fruit.

    • Fruit is the most cleansing of all foods, is the easiest to digest and assimilate, and has the best fuel (simple sugars) that helps to feed and energize cells. They are the only food in nature that can bring in more energy than the body loses through its digestion and assimilation – making them the perfect food for detoxification and healing. 


Best Diet to Follow After a Detox
Photo by Mikhail Nilov from Pexels

Make sure that all the foods you consume during your 3-day detox are organic and that you incorporate gentle movement such as walking or yoga alongside the dietary protocol (this helps the lymphatic system – the body’s sewage system – circulate and eliminate waste through the kidneys and other elimination organs).

Ideally, even after a short-term or a long-term detox regimen is completed, staying 50%-80% plant-based raw (the percentage depends on the level of your health and whether you suffer from acute or chronic health conditions) is optimal for a healthy lifestyle and is highly recommended. 


Why Go Organic to Reduce Accumulation of Body Toxins 


Going organic can help eliminate toxins because organic farming practices typically avoid the use of synthetic pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers, which can leave behind harmful residues on crops. These chemicals can build up in the body over time, especially in the liver, causing chronic inflammation and contributing to health problems such as cancer, hormone disruption, and neurological disorders.

Organic farming practices also tend to focus on soil health and biodiversity, which can lead to healthier plants that are more resistant to pests and diseases. 

In addition, organic food is often fresher and more nutrient-dense than conventionally grown food because it is typically grown in smaller batches, let to ripen naturally (acquiring ideal nutrition levels), and sold locally. This can lead to a variety of health benefits, including improved digestion, better immune function, and reduced inflammation.

Overall, choosing organic foods can help reduce your exposure to harmful toxins and support a healthier, more sustainable food system.


Final Thoughts 


So what awaits us on the other side of this healing journey? The results you individually get from a detox plan will correspond to how deeply you’d like to commit to the process! If the goal is to stay healthy and lead the best life possible, regular detoxes like this 3-day detox will help your body purge acidic chemistry more efficiently and regulate all its systems more readily. The extra energy that the body assimilates from the alkaline diet will also provide it with a greater capacity to heal.

Although eating a high raw diet is recommended for life to experience the highest levels of health possible, depending on our lifestyle, environment, and body type, this can be adjusted to suit every individual needs. 

For example, in colder weather and climates, the body will become more alkaline, since coldness (the alkaline, cooling principle of nature) detoxes the body of mucus, cools down acids, and promotes natural detoxification.

In order to feel a bit warmer, the body will then seek out the other side of cold – heat, or the acidic side of chemistry –  to feel more balanced and grounded. So, consuming additional heating foods like steamed veggie soups, teas, and spices like ginger, cayenne pepper, garlic, and cumin/curry is recommended in addition to raw foods. 

To understand more about detoxification and how to commit to a longer and deeper detoxification protocol, you can sign up for my free detoxification guide which will teach you the most important things you need to know about the process. To your detox journey!

About the Author

Anesa is the founder of and the chief integrative health practitioner at Red Grape Wisdom, with a mission to teach the public the truth about health and the principles of wellness that trace their roots back to our human origins and our connection to the cosmic and natural law. 

Anesa is the author of How to Detox Your Body Naturally and Safely, and her expertise lies in natural health diagnostics, holistic detoxification, and healing support. She uses many unique modalities to help others heal naturally and thrive such as naturopathy, medical astrology, iridology, and Eastern traditional herbal medicine.