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Red Grape Wisdom offers natural wellness courses and digital products to help you understand the energetic workings of your body, detox your body naturally, and have the vitality to live the life you’ve always envisioned!

We are one of the very few natural detoxification specialists who combine the knowledge of nutrition with the wisdom of spirituality.

Ready to Take Your Health Into Your Own Hands?


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3 Things to Know to Heal Illness Through Detox
This 10-page practical guide will teach you how to detox your body naturally and properly over time, show you how you can minimize detox symptoms, and provide you with a simple 3-month cleansing plan that will regenerate cellular function and reverse your illness symptoms.

The Solution to Your Health Problems

The challenge

Given your chronic health symptoms, you know that you need to make a change to your diet and lifestyle. You've been to doctors but know that they don't have the answers you seek, as they discredit the power of nutrition and body-mind integration. You've been researching and exploring the best ways to heal online but there is simply too much conflicting information out there. You know that short-term fads won't work and that an effective healing program treats the body from a holistic perspective, acknowledges the power of chemistry and energy in healing, and offers solutions that align with nature's wisdom and laws. If this is you, you've come to the right place - welcome! 

your health journey

Like you, I've spent years looking for the right answers to my many health issues. Discovering and healing myself became a quest for transformation with many trials and errors. This is precisely why I understand and celebrate your courage and dedication to take your health and power back. Perhaps you tried many detox programs beforehand, and the fixes were only temporary.

If you're looking to learn about the most powerful principles of health (which are currently being censored in the mainstream) and experience tangible results, my e-book, course, and actionable planners will help you alleviate disease symptoms in as little as 30 days!

Our solution

Wellness is a life-long commitment, and you'll need the right knowledge on how to practically implement natural detox methods to your unique body and lifestyle needs. To help you on this journey, Red Grape Wisdom offers educational products and protocols:

  • One-of-a-kind detox courses and detox planners that aid in personal transformation
  • Helpful e-books that show you how to detoxify safely and effectively with an alkaline diet, herbs, and holistic modalities
  • Actionable guides that show you how to reverse disease symptoms of many conditions

The Principles That Guide Our Detox Protocol

All of our courses, health reports, programs, and coaching opportunities are based on the fundamental tenants of naturopathy and the holistic understanding of the body and wellness. 

By following these protocols and depending on the nature of illness, your mild to moderate health problems can heal completely within 3-6 months of diligent commitment. For more serious ailments, a longer time commitment will be necessary.  


Organic, Raw & Plant-based Foods; Whole Food Supplementation


Herbs & Botanical Supplements


Yoga, Qi Gong & Lymphatic Massage


Bringing Homeostasis to Your Lifestyle in Accordance with the Laws of Nature

The Fundamentals of Our Detoxification Teachings

Remove obstructions that cause inflammation, toxicity, and organ degeneration with diet and wellness techniques

Strengthen the function of the elimination organs and the liver through high organic fruit intake and herbal supplementation

Work with body-mind-spirit integration modalities to harmonize all three energetic bodies and raise one's vibrational frequency

Ensure that the energy consumed into one's body and life is greater than energy leaving one's body and life (longevity)

The Plan to Help You Heal

Take my new course, Detoxing The Right Way: Tools to Maximize Healing and Navigate Through Pitfalls, and learn all about your body, how to heal your health issues through detox, and how to become your own health expert and healer (just like I had!). 

Reclaim your health and vitality with my first comprehensive body detox e-book that will teach you everything you need to know about your body, nutrition, how to detoxify safely and properly, and what it takes to stay healthy in today's modern world. 

The Need to Change Our Healthcare System

We are currently at an important juncture point in our relationship with nature, our bodies, and our health. It is time to return back to nature's laws to revive her truth and path to healing, especially in these dire times during which the medical and scientific community has lost its way. This is an imperative step toward self-empowerment and evolution in order to ensure the survival and advancement of the human species.

Imagine knowing that you can heal any illness naturally by understanding your body and having the right tools to keep it healthy for life.

Imagine being in control of your health, bodily integrity, and longevity.

Imagine a more fulfilling and spiritual relationship with your body, food, and environment.

All of this is possible by learning about our bodies, the importance of detoxification in healing all diseases, and the power of alkaline foods and herbs as true medicines meant for mankind. Teaching the truth about how the body works and how to reverse disease naturally is my mission at Red Grape Wisdom, and I am incredibly grateful that you’ve joined me on this journey as your natural health advisor!                                                        


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My Story

Red Grape Wisdom was founded in 2021 by Anesa Kratovac. After years of suffering from chronic eczema and other health issues, she became her own healer and treated her conditions successfully! 

Anesa has studied many spiritual and ancient wisdom modalities for over a decade and has been helping others with some of the most effective natural detoxification protocols for the last 5 years. She is a certified natural health coach and regularly upgrades her knowledge and skills with diverse books and courses on holistic healing. 

Anesa is likewise highly versed in practicing medical astrology and numerology. She enjoys working with botanicals and incorporates various healing traditions and knowledge into her work - most notably, Bioenergetics, Ayurveda, and Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine. 

She believes that educating individuals about the forgotten truths of the natural laws shaping our reality - including the workings of the divine vessel housing their spirit (the body) - will be the catalyst for the global transformation of collective consciousness. Learn more about the benefits of the Red Grape Wisdom detox approach.

Praise and Testimonials

Helena P., Massage Therapist, Washington

Anesa has been a strong guide for me on my journey through life. She is very knowledgeable about the human body and nutrition and has helped me to put all the pieces together when it comes to eating for my blood type, body type, and overall well-being. I am truly grateful and appreciative to her and always will be. ‘You can get the procedure needed, but in order to have lasting health, you must treat the whole body and make a lifestyle change for the situation to be resolved.’ Makes complete sense, and I will always remember these very wise words that she said to me.

Zerina R., Teacher, Greece

Anesa is one of the most well-researched, knowledgeable, friendly and professional holistic health practitioners I have had the pleasure to meet on my healing journey. She has a multi-dimensional view of detoxification and healing and draws upon a great variety of knowledge and experience. Anesa works with individuals on a very personal level and tailors her protocols according to very specific personal needs. She listens closely with empathy and compassion, and I felt fully heard and seen during my time working with her. She has a gentle wisdom about her and is at the same time able to motivate clients and put an effective action plan in motion quickly. I highly recommend Anesa's services to anyone who is struggling with their health and/or vitality.

Arpad B., Business Owner, Hungary

I loved working with Anesa, because she is a great person and an excellent wellness coach. She's also a wonderful natural healer who has helped me improve my life in so many ways and is so knowledgeable and passionate about helping others feel better.

Karen L., Book Illustrator, Ohio

Working with Anesa has already had an amazing impact and it has only been a month!  I was drawn to working with her because of her dedication to research integrated with her spiritual lens. Her process has been teaching me SO MUCH!  I not only get great help in figuring out what is best for me, but I am shown WHY it is best for me.  I am taking it one step at a time and implementing bit-by-bit, but I have already lost some weight, I don't ever feel bloated, my PMS symptoms are practically gone, and I had a very easy and on-time cycle.  I can't wait to see what else happens...

Srishti V., Marketing Writer, India

If you are in need of a wellness coach who would listen to you, care, and help you with utmost genuity, Anesa should be your go-to. I loved working with Anesa. She is kind, loving, and you can understand the depth of knowledge she harbours once you talk with her. No crazy diets, no scary tonics. Simple, easy, and natural solutions that make you feel better are Anesa’s favourite! Highly recommended for her knowledge and passion to help others naturally. 


What does detoxing do for your body?

Detoxification uses alkaline chemistry from fruits, vegetables, and herbs to cool inflammation, help the body’s sewage system (the lymphatic system) circulate from cells to the kidneys, and provide cells with the chemistry they need to function properly and regenerate tissues.

Unless the body is clean from acids and toxins, which create chronic inflammation over time, like a domino effect, all of the systems and processes will take a hit. As a consequence, the body will try to preserve itself by leaching vital electrolytes and nutrients from the bones and connective tissue, placing even more strain on one’s health. 

While the body is highly intelligent, it can only work with the net chemistry and energy it has at any one time. If we don’t feed it vital, alkaline fuel, it will deteriorate over time - a process we call premature aging. Ultimately, chronic decay and lack of cellular energy cause disease and death. Detoxification helps correct imbalances and provides the body with essential chemistry to clean, re-balance, heal, and regenerate. Inevitably, it is not a fad but a lifestyle. Just as we clean our outer body, our inner body creates daily metabolic waste that needs to be expelled efficiently. An alkaline diet is the most effective way to clean and regenerate the body.

What is bioenergetics and how can it help me heal?

Bioenergetics describes how natural law governs the mode of existence of all living beings. As biological entities, our basic cellular needs are energetic, as our cells convert chemistry (simple sugars from foods) to create energy that fuels life. By understanding that food is in its essence chemistry that can add or detract from our energetic cellular reservoir (it takes plenty of energy to digest, assimilate, and flush out waste from acidic foods), we can be more conscious that the chemistry we take in is greater in energy than the energy it takes to digest and process it. 

Most of us consume foods, think thoughts, experience emotions, and act in ways that deplete all our energy. Because of this, the body is left to compensate and protect itself by utilizing electrolytes from non-essential tissues, leading to degeneration.

Bioenergetics can be seen as a life formula that describes the essence of longevity:

LONGEVITY = The energy we consume > the energy we spend on digestion, assimilation, cellular metabolism, and waste elimination

This means that the foods we consume must be of the highest electrical composition of all foods found in nature, which are organic fruits, herbs, and most vegetables. In fact, fruit and herbs are so high in electricity, that they are the only foods to be able to heal nervous system issues and regenerate spinal cord injuries. 

Why don’t you include commercial supplements in your detox protocol?

Most commercial supplements isolate chemistry from biological foods, a process that does not have the same healing effect on the body as the original food which includes the synergy of that compound and other nutrients to be assimilated properly. When it comes to health, it is not necessarily what we consume but mostly what we assimilate. 

Our bodies are biological and are meant to re-balance and thrive on “live” foods. Most commercial supplements are created from the awareness that the body is a sum of parts that function independently of one another. These parts can then be fixed by “technical” intervention of scientifically isolated and artificially created medicine, and the intervention won’t disrupt any other parts. 

This is the complete opposite “theory” than is advocated by natural health practitioners and natural law, in general. In naturopathy, or functional medicine, the body is seen as a holistic entity of interdependent parts that don’t need fixing but rather support in re-balancing (reaching homeostasis), which can only be achieved through contact with other biological chemistry.

Are detoxes safe?

If done properly, natural detoxes using an alkaline diet as the main healing modality are very safe! However, there are many “detox” fad products sold out there that may be too concentrated, laden with harsh ingredients, or simply don’t do what they promise. As a general rule, if nature didn’t make it, don’t take it!

The main criteria to follow with any detoxification protocol is that it is a slow process that should introduce the body to more alkaline food over time, so that the body is not shocked into acid elimination and healing. When the body is not prepared properly for detox, it can start purging acids without being able to properly eliminate all the acids from the body.

If the elimination organs are not strengthened slowly through a clean, raw diet over some time, they will not be able to process all the waste the body is looking to eliminate. What happens then is that the acids have to be recycled back to fats and tissues for storage. All of this causes physical and emotional symptoms called “detox symptoms” (such as headaches, cold/flu symptoms, weakness and tiredness, anxiety and trembling, tension, crying, and other emotional imbalances) which is part of the healing crisis that mirrors the effects of acid circulation throughout the body. 

To ease these symptoms and ensure the proper elimination of all waste, a safe detox protocol always looks to clean the body slowly with certain foods and methods so that it is in shape to deal with such a change in its energetic state, its chemical input/output, and the metabolic activity necessary to eliminate, clean, and regenerate. 

This is why learning about proper body cleansing is paramount. Using raw foods, herbs, and superfood supplementation (as opposed to synthetic pills or supplements) is ultimately the most effective detox strategy with tangible long-term healing results.

How long should detox last?

Detoxification is not a short-term cleanse that is often advertised in the mainstream. It is a process of preparing the body for healing, providing it with the chemistry it needs to heal, and ensuring that it has enough energy to properly self-heal. 

While short-term cleanses help by providing the body with the nutrients it needs to function more optimally, they cannot achieve the state of health necessary for optimal healing. 

Think about the years of physical, emotional, and mental habits it took to create certain health conditions, and realize that the same amount of time must be devoted to healing. 

The law of cause and effect (which governs our reality and nature) acknowledges that our efforts  - both in causing health issues and healing them - breed a culminating effect on how we exist in the world. To change our health, we must reverse all the body damage that has been accumulating over time. Ideally, a proper detoxification cleanse will have tangible long-term results that should last anywhere from 3 months to a year, depending on the severity of one’s condition.

However, the habit of detoxification should last a lifetime. It is a natural process of internal cleansing akin to taking a shower or a bath. Just as we eat and eliminate, so do our cells, so the system has to be healthy enough to manage all the impositions of our modern lifestyle. Detoxification is simply the process of removing all the obstructions to optimal energy and lymphatic flow and helping the body do what it does best.

If detoxification with food is sufficient, why do you use medical astrology and other ancient healing techniques in your work?

While detoxification can heal us and overcome most health challenges, sometimes we may not be aware of our energetic body weaknesses (be they due to our own body karma, genetics or both). To better understand where our health problems lie and which part of the body we should focus on, we may need more information to put the big picture of healing together. 

Medical astrology uses ancient techniques that read the chart for physical, emotional, and mental propensities and looks at which parts of the body are the weakest. It can provide enormous clues on which areas of life and the body may be out of balance and provide clues on how to bring them back to homeostasis. The father of modern medicine, Hippocrates, utilized medical astrology himself and is known to have stated that no physician should become one without knowing how to apply medical astrology to healing. 

Other ancient techniques have also evolved from the understanding that the body is a holistic ecosystem that is interdependent on all its parts for optimal function. Most are based on the concept that the body is an energetic entity and that we can help it be the divine vessel for the soul it was meant to be by helping it eliminate energy blockages, circulate energy flow, and increase its energy reservoirs.

It is unfortunate that we have lost the knowledge of the ancients, since they were way ahead of our time in understanding our place in the universe. They were closer to nature and observed it first hand by following its cycles and observing the cosmic phenomena above. 

My mission with Red Grape Wisdom is to connect ancient knowledge of energy cultivation within the body and marry it with the healing power of alkaline foods. There are many ways of promoting energy flow and increasing the frequency of the body, and helping individuals align with the modalities that most resonate with them is key to enabling their personal transformation.


The information provided by Red Grape Wisdom is for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice. Red Grape Wisdom is a health advisor and a guide - not a medical practice.

For more information, please read our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. 


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